WWE News: Update On John Cena’s Reported Time Off, When He Is Set To Go And Why He Is Leaving Now Known

WWE Superstar John Cena is “the man” in the WWE right now. While the company loves to cite the man with the WWE Championship as “the man,” there is only one John Cena, and he is the ultimate draw for WWE over any other current star the company has. Despite this, weekly WWE RAW and SmackDown ratings are at a staggering low and many want to know why. While the company is trying a lot of different things to change the problem, it does appear that John Cena may have little to do with those plans soon.

There was a rumor that came out regarding John Cena taking time off. He was out of the European Tour coming up and is not advertised for anything up until later December. PWInsider reports that he’s supposed to take time off the week of or week after WWE Hell in a Cell later this month and will return in late December. Potentially after the WWE TLC PPV. Of course WWE could always wait off and allow him to return in January for the set up to the Royal Rumble PPV that is always huge for the company.

Many wanted to know why Cena was taking time off. According to reports, Cena claimed that it was for “personal reasons” and had scheduled this time off since the summer. People who asked him were told by Cena that people would love what he was doing when they found out. Some were curious and others were actually worried. What could John Cena be so invested in that he cannot make television at least each and every week? Finally we got an answer.

Cena talent

According to The Sporting News, John Cena is taking time off from WWE to shoot a reality show for the FOX Network. Apparently, it is a fitness-themed show that he will host, which is a first-time experience for the 15-time WWE World Champion. Sporting News cited the following in regards to Cena and his new show.

“A friend in the fitness industry is working on a fitness-themed reality show for FOX. The show is set to air in the spring. He and a few others were told this week that the filming window is set for Oct. 26 to the first or second week of January, and that it will take 6-8 weeks to do everything. They also found out that the host of the show is going to be John Cena. I’m guessing this explains his rumored hiatus after HIAC.”

John Cena has co-hosted the Today Show as well as shows on ESPN like Sports Nation, so it is nothing new for him to host. However, it is a different experience to be the only host of a new series on a major network like FOX. With the show set to air in the spring, it would be a perfect tie in for WWE during their WrestleMania time. Cena would easily be able to promote his new show while promoting the event.

Cena US Title

John Cena is set to work on other projects, and, the more offers he gets, the more time he might take off. If this show on FOX does end up doing well for Cena, only good things will continue to come for him. He joins people like Chris Jericho as hosts for random game or reality shows. While this venture is a new experience for John Cena, many believe he will do just fine.

While WWE does not ever want to lose John Cena for good and Cena has claimed he is WWE for life, there is a problem in that Cena is only going to get older and the projects coming his way will only be there for a short period of time. If he misses a window, he may not have another chance. He is nearing 40 years old, and not only is this time away good for his career but it is also good for his body. Cena has not missed much time barring his nose surgery in the last number of years. He even still did media for WWE and worked a WWE Tough Enough show the week before he returned to action.

John Cena is known as one of the hardest workers alive, and his work ethic is something the WWE loves and can exploit at times. He rarely says no when he probably should off and on. At the end of the day, the show will be good for John Cena and hopefully it works out for him. What this means for the WWE United States Championship is up in the air. However, some rumors claim that he will defend it in an open challenge on the WWE Hell in a Cell event and lose to have a built in story for his return.

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