Hero 95 Ronaldo Card On ‘FIFA 16’ Only This Weekend For 5M Gold Coins

Hero 95 Ronaldo Card On Fifa 16 Only This Weekend

Hours are ticking before FIFA 16 players miss the chance to get the monster hero Ronaldo card in FIFA 16 pack hunt. Over the weekend, product-reviews reported that Electronic Arts (EA) revealed a limited time offer Ronaldo card at 95 points, only available on FIFA 16 for a limited 72 hours.

Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on Cristiano Ronaldo on their team? Cristiano Ronaldo is at the pinnacle of greatness when it comes to football striking, and he remains to be one of the most coveted players on FIFA 16. He just set himself as the all-time goalscoring leader for Real Madrid, at 324 goals, and just nabbed his 4th Golden Boot, and it just makes sense for EA’s FIFA 16 to give him some credit. Ergo, this amazing hero Ronaldo card available for a limited time offer of 5 million gold coins. Not quite ready to shell out 5 million gold coins? The card is up for bid at a starting price of 3.5 million gold coins.

Starting only at a 93 point rating in FIFA 16, Cristiano Ronaldo is now up to 95, making him the highest rated player in FIFA 16. With the following stats, Ronaldo is one player you want in building that ultimate FIFA 16 team.

  • 94 PAC
  • 95 SHO
  • 84 PAS
  • 92 DRI
  • 37 DEF
  • 83 PHY

FIFA 16 players who are sort of 50-50 about the hero Ronaldo card should note that Ronaldo’s individual attributes increased for this certain FIFA 16 heroes card. His pace, dribbling, strength, and shooting improved, and those are just the perfect ingredients to make the perfect striker. His stats at 93 were as follows.

  • 92 PAC
  • 93 SHO
  • 80 PAS
  • 90 DRI
  • 33 DEF
  • 78 PHY

His attributes now at 95 are just off the charts! Who wouldn’t want Ronaldo on their FIFA 16 team now? If you just don’t have enough gold coins to get that monstrous Ronaldo hero card for your FIFA 16 team, Full FIFA reports that FIFA 16 announced a special draw for the hero Ronaldo card.

Get a chance to win the 95 hero Ronaldo card

Starting 12 a.m. U.K., October 18, to 11:59 p.m. U.K., if you win any division online or offline, you will have the chance to win 1 of the 7 untradable hero Ronaldo cards. The odds will be tight, but there’s no harm in trying.

Just recently, FIFA 16 released a much-awaited patch to the game, bringing the performance of FIFA 16 to better heights. Since the release of the incredibly outperforming Pro Evolution Soccer, which gave FIFA 16 a run for its money, EA finally found time to fix several issues players are experiencing with FIFA 16.

The new FIFA 16 update brings a couple of upgrades to the overall game stability. It also fixed several AI issues, FIFA 16 Trainer issues, and FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Check out the full list of FIFA 16 patch notes below.

“The update includes general stability improvements and addresses the following items identified by the community and the FIFA team:

  • Optimized goalkeeper rushing, AI, and positioning.
  • Improved player wage accuracy in Career Mode.
  • Addressed referee/kit clashes.
  • Addressed an exploit in Virtual Pro leaderboards.
  • Addressed a shot missing the top corner and still being called a goal.
  • FIFA Trainer button tuning.
  • Player clipping during intro sequence in certain stadiums.

The update also addresses the following FUT items:

  • EA SPORTS Football Club shared squads not showing players in FIFA menus.
  • Relisting Transfer List items not retaining previous price settings.
  • Error message when attempting to apply a contract consumable.
  • Away crowd wearing incorrect kit.
  • Some returning users experiencing an issue when naming their club.
  • Controller disconnecting in FUT modes.”

Hero card Cristiano Ronaldo will be available on FIFA 16 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and mobiles until October 19, Monday, at 6 p.m. U.K.

Cristiano Ronaldo (via Denis Doyla / Getty]

[Featured image courtesy of EA Sports FIFA]