‘Chicago Fire’ Spoilers Tease New Challenges For Casey And Dawson

Chicago Fire has returned to NBC with its fourth season, and things are already heating up at Firehouse 51. With two new arrivals making big entrances this week, things are changing at the firehouse.

Patterson is shaking things up by taking over Severide’s leadership spot on squad. That move did not set well with Severide or the men on squad, but Patterson tried to make peace while being tough.

The new candidate is shaking things up in his own way. After not earning any points with his entrance, Boden gave Jimmy a second chance after he spoke to him one-on-one.

It was not Jimmy’s brother that got him back into the firehouse. The way that Boden shut the door behind Jimmy’s brother made that abundantly clear.

On this week’s episode, titled “Taste of Panama City,” Casey and Dawson will make a huge decision. At the end of the last episode, Casey made his feelings for Dawson clear, and she blurted out her pregnancy announcement.

A sneak peek for Chicago Fire Season 4, Episode 2 from NBC and shared by Spoiler TV shows Casey and Dawson going to Boden about a job change. She wants to move to the investigative side of things and work in arson. Boden is not too thrilled about the request. He knows just how hard Dawson fought to get where she is. However, Dawson tells him she is pregnant, and the mood automatically changes. He shows his happiness right away, but he is confused by the couple’s decision to keep the pregnancy a secret.

Once Dawson’s move to arson is complete, she will have a huge case on her hands, and it will involve Firehouse 51. Matt Olmstead revealed some tidbits about the arson case in an interview with Parade Magazine.

“Fairly quickly, she is in charge of investigating an arson that 51 is in hot water for. She has a lot on the line in terms of investigating this arson to see if she can essentially clear the name of 51. But arson, as it’s been pointed on the show and in reality, is difficult to prove. It’s a slower process than perhaps 51 would care for. But she is doing the best she can.”

As far as Casey goes, he has a lot on his plate. He may be back with Dawson and ready to become a dad, but he will not be able to let Katia’s death go. He will work with Voight to take the people responsible down.

Entertainment Weekly shared more comments about Chicago Fire by Matt Olmstead regarding Casey’s next move.

“Casey’s getting pissed off because justice isn’t being served. Casey takes it upon himself to uncover the details at a great risk. There’s a certain understanding they come to at the culmination of this two-parter. They’re never going to shake hands and have a beer together, but at a certain point, Casey can appreciate Voight’s style of policing and how effective it can be.”

The pregnancy will definitely change things for both Casey and Dawson. It will take their relationship to a new level and possibly make the pair stronger. Wedding bells may even be possible by the end of the season.

Fans will definitely need to keep watching the series to see what happens next to Casey and Dawson. Right now, things are going well for the pair, but that could always change.

Chicago Fire will continue to air on NBC on Tuesday nights. What do you think? Are you excited about the new developments surrounding Casey and Dawson?

[Photo courtesy of NBC]