‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: Meet Allison’s Husband

Pretty Little Liars fans are excited to see what’s happened to the girls after their five-year time jump at the end of the last episode, and die-hard fans got a taste of that thanks to the New York Comic Con last week.

Sasha Pieterse — who plays Alison DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars — ended season 6A in a classroom, revealing she was both a teacher and married in the upcoming episodes starting in January, 2016.

Now, Pretty Little Liars fans have met who they think may be her husband thanks to a four-minute preview of the next episode, which debuted at the event, Entertainment Weekly reported.

The character is Dr. Elliott Rollins, an individual who viewers will briefly discover before the half-way mark of the sneak peak. Viewers may conclude that he is helping Alison to get Charlotte released from the mental institution she’s been in over the past five years.

Dr. Elliott Rollins is played by British actor Huw Collins, Wetpaint reported. Collins is playing in his first large role on Pretty Little Liars, and he’s excited to be a part of it, he confides to his small-but-growing Instagram followers.

Collins was recently married in real-life to United States Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s daughter. In addition to his wife, his off-screen time is taken up by another female, who he shows off often on the social medium.


During the New York Comic Con, Pieterse revealed that she was not married at the onset of the upcoming episodes and that viewers will get to see her find her love, and watch it develop throughout the course of the season, the Pretty Little Liars star teased in a recent Inquisitr article.

“When we come back, she’s not married yet so the fans get to see her love story and how it ties in. I think it’s really fun to see her actually have a normal life in a good way.”

Alison and Elliott’s wedding could be the one that fans have been teased will be airing in the upcoming season. Prior to the four-minute preview of the next episode in the popular ABC Family series, fans were guessing as to who that would be.

Could Alison’s new husband be the new villain on the show? Pretty Little Liars show creator I. Marlene King wouldn’t say at the event, but she teased that the new “big bad” villain is not CeCe, Design & Trend reported after the event.

“The new big bad – I won’t say if it’s a he or a she. We think it’s a he right now, but you never know… It’s a different person [than CeCe] the girls are coming to warn Alison about.”

Although vague, that’s more information than fans previously knew about the new villain threatening the Rosewood girls. Prior to the New York event, fans only presumed the identity thanks to the final two minutes of last episode.

Prior to the event, other Pretty Little Liars were dropping teasers for the upcoming season. Janell Parrish — who plays Mona — shared a picture of a future script, prepping fans for someone’s return to the show. Viewers could also take a look at the future of the show’s actresses thanks to other spoilers being shared about the show.

What may be more concerning to Pretty Little Liars fans is the direction of the show. After saying that the villain could be revealed as early as the season 7 finale, King wasn’t sure if the show would continue past that, the Inquisitr previously reported.

What do you think of the Pretty Little Liars sneak peek into the five-year time jump for the Rosewood Five? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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