‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: Who Is Coming Back To Town?

Pretty Little Liars fans are generally regarded as world-class sleuths, taking small, hidden clues obscured on the set or in the script and figuring out what’s going to happen next on the show. But neither die-hard detectives nor the casual fans had to comb through hints to catch the next spoiler alert for the remainder of the season 6 episodes.

Janel Parrish – better known as Mona on Pretty Little Liars – took to Instagram to tip-off the rabid fan base about an upcoming show in 2016. Parrish’s post was a picture of the cover of the script for the penultimate episode for this season.


With a title like “Did You Miss Me?” for a chapter in this saga, fans of Pretty Little Liars have been guessing who the title could be referencing. Thanks to a five-year time jump when the show resumes, pretty much anyone could have disappeared from the girls’ lives, only to re-enter just before the season finale.

The person of interest could be the newest enemy of the show’s female cast, and Melty has listed a group of characters we already know and why they might be the new “Big Bad” villain after the girls. Some of the possibilities are even fan-favorite characters, making the list even more interesting.

The title for the season finale has already been revealed as well. To end the sixth season of Pretty Little Liars, viewers will close the show to an episode entitled “Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars.”

Since the reveal of “A” on the mid-season finale, Pretty Little Liars fans have been busy uncovering other spoilers for the upcoming season. The Inquisitr has already covered the fact that a wedding is rumored for someone during the 2016 run. Plus, there’s already a buzz around who could be the next villain when the show returns to the air.

When the show resumes, the pretty little liars will have leaped forward five years in the unfolding tale surrounding their lives. From the last two minutes in the show, fans already know that Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is now a teacher. She’s also married — the future Mrs. Rollins — when we see the remainder of the pretty little liars join the scene to unveil their next nemesis.

Fans of the show have also been upset to learn that Pretty Little Liars Season 7 could be the last, according to show creator I. Marlene King. That anger was nothing compared to some viewers’ reactions to the reveal of Charlotte/Charles DiLaurentis as “A,” the Inquisitr previously reported.

What other secrets do you think will be revealed in the upcoming episodes of Pretty Little Liars? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below.

[Image by Janel Parrish/Instagram]

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