‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoiler: See Each Character After Time Jump

Pretty Little Liars revealed what viewers can expect to see happening when the show resumes in January 2016 at the New York Comic-Con this weekend, ABC News reported.

BuzzFeed premiered the first four minutes of the upcoming Pretty Little Liars episode earlier this week, showing each of the women in their new surroundings five years later. In the video, Allison is writing each of her friends letters that will be included in their court notification about an upcoming hearing for Charlotte DiLaurentis.

Fans may remember Charlotte DiLaurentis — played by Vanessa Ray — turned out to be “A.” Charlotte was Charles, prior to a sex change, and was disguised as CeCe Drake before being outed as the villain in the mid-season finale this summer. Fans immediately displayed their displeasure with the plot twist, the Inquisitr reported.

Sasha Pieterse

Allison (Sasha Pieterse) appears to be the only member living in Rosewood when Pretty Little Liars resumes. She is married as viewers found out in the last episode before the time jump.

Troian Bellisario

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) headed to the nation’s capitol as viewers see in the opening minutes of the next Pretty Little Liars episode. Bellisario is happy with her character’s position in life.

“Spencer’s an incredibly intelligent character and she hasn’t gotten to realize her full potential [in the past]. For her to be so successful in her career and be in a political world was very exciting for me.”

Ashley Benson
Hanna (Ashley Benson) has moved to New York, but viewers can’t tell that simply from the initial four minutes. All viewers can see is that Hanna is on an airplane, tending to a child while a mother is away. At the panel, Benson told the audience that she has moved to pursue her career in fashion.

Lucy Hale
Aria (Lucy Hale) has become a publisher. In the upcoming Pretty Little Liars episode, viewers see her staring at Ezra’s photo on the back cover of a book he authored. Has she given up her interest for Ezra for something new?

“She takes a left turn and falls in love with writing,” Hale said at the panel.

Shay Mitchell
Emily (Shay Mitchell) is having fun tending bar. Viewers will discover that Emily left to attend Pepperdine University in California, a move that has unintended consequences, Mitchell told the audience at the New York Comic-Con.

“She moves away, too, and I think out of all the girls her time away is probably the hardest. She goes through some things during those five years.”

Beyond the reasons fans already know, I. Marlene King — the Pretty Little Liars show creator — told the fans at the New York Comic-Con that the five-year time jump was also for the actresses, Vulture reported.

“I think they were really ready to play their own ages. If you’ve noticed, they haven’t been sitting in their desks for the last few seasons because it got to the point where it just didn’t look right anymore. So I think it was really a group consensus that it was time to really age up the show. I think it’s a little edgier and definitely more mature.”

Other spoilers for this season have already been discovered, including a wedding in the works and finding out who the next villain plaguing the Pretty Little Liars titular characters is. Fans have also uncovered that someone is returning to Rosewood in the next-to-last episode of the season, the Inquisitr reported recently.

Despite the show’s continued success, speculation remains about Season 7 — the 2016 and 2017 episodes — which could serve as the show’s last.

Off the set, Pretty Little Liars standout Ashley Benson has enjoyed the break. In a recent Instagram post, she is seen hanging out with Twilight’s Taylor Lautner, sparking rumors the actors might be romantically linked.

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