Lindsay Lohan Joins Taylor Swift & Kanye West In Presidential Race By Using Instagram For Her White House Wisdom

Lindsay Lohan wants to be President.

Lindsay Lohan apparently watched Donald Trump make his run for the White House and decided that if theatrics can get you votes, she’s got a chance. Joining already-announced Kanye West and Taylor Swift, Lohan revealed that she also wants to turn the 2020 elections into a celebrity battle (Swift wants to be West’s vice president). And, while the two singers might think they have a better chance, Lohan feels that her acting career is the perfect diving board into the pool of politics, reports USA Today.

Lindsay Lohan wants to move into the White House and rule the country, and the Mean Girls actress tossed her designer hat into the political ring by using Instagram to reveal her intention of following Kanye West’s lead and becoming a celebrity presidential candidate.

Lindsay Lohan plans to run for President.

“In #2020 I may run for president. Through ups and downs #YESWECAN lets do this @kanyewest #truespirits thank your for inspiring us to be better people @barackobama #kanyewest2020 #lindsaylohanat35 #lindsaylohan2020 with #34yearsofEXPERIENCE #unitingWORLDnations @aliforneycenter @savethesociety @unicef”

In addition, Lohan revealed her plan to care for kids, and referenced her apparent friendship with Queen Elizabeth.

“The first thing I would like to do as president…is take care of all of the children suffering in the world..#queenELIZABETH showed me how by having me in her country,” wrote Lindsay.

Lohan concluded her presidential bid by comparing herself to Ghandi.


Lindsay Lohan compared herself to Ghandi.

Thus far, Lohan is the only celebrity to dare to announce she will run against Kanye West in 2020, points out the New York Daily News.

Although Lohan has showed she knows how to add in the necessary political references to famous organizations and people, citing everyone from President Obama to UNICEF in her post, Lindsay Lohan’s use of the hashtag “#kanyewest2020” appeared to give Kim Kardashian’s husband support in his own run for President.

If Lohan runs, she’ll need a political platform, and Lindsay Lohan has nailed down the first boards with her plan to take care of children, thanks to lessons from Queen Elizabeth.

Lindsay Lohan for President?

There is just one problem, however, as a person responding to Lohan on Instagram wrote.

“You have to be 35 to run for president,” noted the follower who had done the math.

Lindsay Lohan was born on July 2, 1986, which makes the Parent Trap actress trapped in the 35-year-old age minimum if she did try to run in 2020.

Although Lohan has not made it clear if she’s joking, it is obvious those who read Lindsay Lohan’s presidential posts have taken it as a spoof. Many asked if she’s on drugs, and others have speculated Lohan’s Instagram account has been hacked. There are also those who thought the somewhat rambling posts typified Lohan’s troubled past outbursts.

“That’s wonderful! God speed, and give our best to the citizens on Mars,” read one such comment.

While the world waits for Lindsay Lohan to reveal whether she’s serious, Kanye West is still planning his run for the White House.

Kanye West (L) shocked by hopping onstage after Taylor Swift won the "Best Female Video" award and grabbing the microphone from her.

“Oh, definitely,” emphasized West. “I’ve got five years before I go and run for office and I’ve got a lot of research to do, I’ve got a lot of growing up to do.”

As the Inquisitr reported, although Taylor Swift and Kanye West have had a rocky relationship since he ruined her win at the VMAs years ago by hopping on the stage, grabbing the microphone, and announcing the award should have gone to Beyoncé, they have since made up and moved on.

Taylor Swift and Kanye West have become pals

When West made the presidential run announcement during his acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards, and sent Swift an enormous bouquet of white roses, Swift decided it was the perfect time to announce her support for Kanye as president and to reveal she wants to be his Vice President.

“Awwww Kanye sent me the coolest flowers!! #KanTay2020 #BFFs,” wrote Taylor.

What do you think? Would you vote for Lindsay Lohan in a presidential race after she reaches the age limit? Or, do you prefer the team of Kanye West and Taylor Swift? Post your candidate comments below.

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