‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Star Kim Zolciak Announces Motivational Speaking Tour

Kim Zolciak is now attempting to expand her career into new territory. According to People, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star and Dancing With the Stars contestant is set to begin a motivational speaking tour following her departure from DWTS. Zolciak’s nationwide tour is expected to begin in Atlanta and stop at 20 different cities throughout the United States.

In preparation for her upcoming tour, Zolciak turned to Instagram to share the exciting news with her fans.

“I’m so flipping EXCITED!!!!! I have talked about this for years and I’m finally doing it!” she wrote. “You guys really motivated me after watching some of my speech on Don’t Be Tardy the comments/emails you guys wrote me were awesome.”

Kim Zolciak on Watch What Happens Live [Image Courtesy: Bravo] Kim Zolciak on Watch What Happens Live [Image Courtesy: Bravo]Zolciak’s tour follows what has been a rough month for the reality star. A few weeks ago, in the midst of her time on DWTS, Zolciak was taken to the hospital after suffering a small stroke. Although doctors told her that she was good to dance for the September 28 episode of DWTS, she could not fly out in time for the performance, which caused her to have to walk away from the hit series.

Despite having to leave the show, Zolciak will be making an appearance during the finale.

Meanwhile, it was initially somewhat of a mystery as to why she suffered the stroke. According to Us Magazine, this ultimately led to some speculation that her waist training equipment had something to do with it. As fans know, Kim Zolciak promotes and uses a specific brand of waist trainer.

In response to these allegations, Zolciak posted an image on Instagram, where we showed off one of her purple colored waist trainers. “Good Morning!!!! You guys know I love my @nowaistclique waist trainer, I have heard all sorts of ppl commenting on ‘what might have caused my mini stroke’ let me be real clear, I am a very healthy woman who takes great care of myself,” she wrote alongside the image.

Kim Zolciak in her promotional picture for Dancing With the Stars. [Image Courtesy: ABC] Kim Zolciak in her promotional picture for Dancing With the Stars. [Image Courtesy: ABC]Zolciak went on to clarify the real reasons why she had a stroke. It turns out that the Don’t Be Tardy star has a heart condition that was a contributing factor in her recent stroke.

“I was born with PFO (a hole in my heart) which enabled a clot to cross over and stop oxygen to my brain for a very short time in turn causing me to have a TIA, I will be having heart surgery to repair it,” she stated. “By no means did my waist trainer cause my blood clot or my TIA.”

Waist trainer aside, the reality star added that she would never jeopardize her own life in order to promote a product. As it turns out, Zolciak is much too fond of life to risk it on something like a waist trainer.

“I would never use anything nor promote anything that I personally didn’t love or something that was dangerous,” she explained in her post. “I LOVE LIFE WAY TOO MUCH! and I have a whole lotta living to do.”

Apparently, some of that living involves her upcoming motivational speaking tour. Considering all of the stops she is expected to make, fans should have plenty of opportunities to go out and hear her talk.

In the meantime, although the reality star revealed that she will be undergoing heart surgery in order to fix the hole in her heart, Zolciak did not state when that procedure was going to happen. Given her busy TV work and touring, it will be interesting to see when she fits the procedure into her schedule.

Fans can watch Kim Zolciak and co. in all new episodes of Don’t Be Tardy Thursday nights on Bravo.

[Photo courtesy of Bravo]