‘RHOC’ Star Shannon Beador Claims She Has Proof That Brooks Ayers Faked Cancer, Did Vicki Gunvalson Know?

As the reunion special for the Real Housewives of Orange County nears, Vicki Gunvalson is finding herself more and more alone in her support of Brooks Ayers. With the majority of the cast members – including former confidant Shannon Beador – standing firm in their belief that Ayers does not have cancer, one of Gunvalson’s closest friends on the show is apparently ready to show proof that Ayers is lying.

According to Radar Online, Beador, who has remained supportive of Gunvalson for pretty much the entire season and even tried to help Ayers find better medical care, has a definitive document that she says is evidence that Ayers has been lying all along about his cancer diagnosis.

RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson has since split with Brooks Ayers. [Image Courtesy: Bravo]

“Shannon brought her report from the clinic to the taping of the reunion and pointed out glaring differences from what Brooks had given to Tamra Judge to review on camera,” the source stated. “The letterhead was completely different, along with the spacing.”

As fans may recall, Gunvalson only showed Judge the results of the PET scan in order to prove that Ayers has cancer. She did this after the ladies on the show demanded that Ayers provide some sort of evidence that he had been diagnosed with cancer. However, according to Radar Online, Judge revealed that this was a strategic move by Gunvalson in order to avoid releasing the information to everyone on the show.

“Last year Vicki was telling everyone to ‘Watch out for Tamra, she will stab you in the back!’ More like expose YOUR lies! And this year she wants to show me Brooks’ PET/CT scan because I am closest to her?” Judge stated. “My gut tells me that she knew I didn’t know what I was reading and that I would just be their puppet and go back to the other girls and say ‘Brooks has cancer.'”

Even after Judge read the document that supposedly proves that Ayers has cancer, she is still adamant in her belief that he is lying. “I don’t think he has cancer,” she stated. “But that is not my problem to worry about.”

RHOC star Tamra Judge's relationship with Vicki Gunvalson has been torn apart over claims Brooks Ayers faked cancer. [Image Courtesy: Bravo]

According to the source, when Shannon Beador showed up at the filming for the reunion with her document in hand, Gunvalson was very surprised. “Vicki was stunned!” the insider said. “She really had nothing to say about the difference between the reports.”

The source added that the other ladies on the show reacted strongly against Gunvalson in light of the new evidence. “Tamra felt betrayed by Vicki, and was setting her up to lie for her. Heather Dubrow was especially disgusted, accusing Vicki of looking the other way while Brooks lied about the cancer diagnosis.”

The only real question remaining is just how much Gunvalson knew about Ayers’ lies. According to Judge, the idea that Gunvalson did not know about that he was lying is almost nonexistent. “How could she NOT [know]?” Judge stated. “That is the million dollar question!”

Catch all the drama between Shannon Beador, Vicki Gunvalson, and Brooks Ayers when the reunion special for the Real Housewives of Orange County begins October 19 on Bravo.

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