Lady Gaga’s Depression Battle Is Real: Singer Shares She Struggles Every Single Day

Singer and actress Lady Gaga is speaking out and revealing that she battles with depression and anxiety every single day, but somehow she finds a way to push through these hard times. Us Weekly Magazine shared that while speaking out to Billboard Lady Gaga shared that this is something she deals with all the time and actually went on to say that the way people are obsessed with cell phones doesn’t help it. Lady Gaga is actually talking because she hopes that sharing will help her fans out. She doesn’t want people to think that they are alone in their battles.

Lady Gaga explained why she feels like cell phones are to blame a bit for her problems with anxiety and depression. Children need their parents to feel like they are present.

“There is something in the way that we are now, with our cell phones and people are not looking at each other and not being in the moment with each other, that kids feel isolated. They read all of this extremely hateful language on the internet. The internet is a toilet. It is. It used to be a fantastic resource—but you have to sort through s**t to find the good stuff.”

Lady Gaga is very brave to speak out and her fans are happy to hear from her. She wants to make sure that everyone knows that this is something she has suffered through every day. Lady Gaga has made it to where she is today regardless of that, though.

“I’ve suffered through depression and anxiety my entire life, I still suffer with it every single day. I just want these kids to know that that depth that they feel as human beings is normal. We were born that way. This modern thing, where everyone is feeling shallow and less connected? That’s not human.”

This is not the first time that Lady Gaga has shared that she has depression. She has always been very honest about this with her fans. It makes it easier for people to relate to Lady Gaga knowing that, even though she is famous, she has her own issues to deal with on a daily basis.

Billboard shared that Lady Gaga started her own foundation called the Born This Way Foundation that works to help teenagers know that they are not alone. She wants to be there for them in every way that she can. Lady Gaga feels that sharing stories and sticking together makes everyone stronger. When asked what made her start this foundation, Lady Gaga shared.

“This foundation was born from the years I spent watching my fans grow up. Many of them were really young: 11- to 17-year-olds in very tumultuous times. They would tell me their stories — and many of them were very dark. As I began to care for them and to see myself in them, I felt I had to do something that would remind kids they’re not alone. When they feel isolated, that’s when it leads to suicide.”

Lady Gaga shared that, when getting to know her fans, that the foundation has helped a lot of them actually deal with depression and anxiety, just like her. They feel isolated, and like robots, but they don’t want to feel that way at all. A lot of these children have become friends through her Born This Way Foundation and that is something that Lady Gaga loves to see happen. She also speaks out about bullying in schools and does everything she can to help.

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[Picture Source Kevin Winter/Getty Images]