Lamar Odom: Brain Damage Possible? Docs Reportedly Discuss It With Khloe

Lamar Odom may suffer permanent brain damage if he’s able to pull through, reports Hollywood Life. The publication is reporting that a hospital source has spoken at length with the Kardshian family (Khloe Kardashian specifically) about Lamar’s future prognosis. Doctors and other medical professionals have warned the family that the longer Odom remains unconscious, the more grim his future becomes.

“Doctors have indicated to the family that the longer Lamar remains unresponsive, the less likely he may have normal brain function if and when he wakes up.”

The former Lakers star has been teetering on the brink since he was found unconscious and unresponsive almost a week ago. On October 13, Lamar Odom was found foaming at the mouth with bloody discharge coming from his nose at one of Dennis Hof’s legal Nevada brothels. Brothel employees quickly called 911, but Odom has yet to make much progress. Entertainment Tonight is reporting that the reality star was somewhat conscious this morning, that he was able to open his eyes and even say “good morning.” The progress, while something, is not what physicians had hoped for for Lamar Odom. This information comes from confidential hospital sources, not next-of-kin Khloe Kardashian.


Hollywood Life’s report is much more grim than the news being reported by Entertainment Tonight. With rumors swirling constantly since Lamar Odom was found clinging to life, fans and even friends are largely in the dark regarding what’s accurate and what’s pure speculation. It’s illegal and unethical for anyone employed by the hospital to release information about the condition of Lamar Odom, or any patient without consent, so whoever is leaking the alleged details of his condition is certainly doing so as anonymously as possible.

The extent to which Lamar Odom may suffer brain damage and physical/mental impairment from his ordeal remains to be seen. The Kardashian family has remained close to his side since he was admitted to the hospital. Despite Lamar being estranged from Khloe, she is still legally his wife. This means that she is his legal next-of-kin and responsible for making potentially life-and-death medical decisions for Lamar, as well.

Odom in better days. [Photo: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images]There are so many “ifs” in this situation that speculation about the future almost seems senseless. The hospital can do little more than encourage the family to prepare for the worst while helping them to hope for the best. While unsubstantiated reports that Lamar Odom was conscious and communicative today give family and fans something positive to cling to, conflicting reports damper that.

If Lamar does wake up, his future is sketchy. The longer he remains unconscious and unresponsive or only responsive to a marginable degree, the more damage is likely being done to his brain and his future. It is reported that Odom suffered multiple strokes after being admitted to the hospital in critical condition. It’s impossible to say precisely how long his brain was compromised before medical assistance arrived on October 13. These factors alone only add to the uncertainty.

Lamar Odom's kids visit. [Photo: David Becker/Getty Images]Presuming Odom awakes from his medically-induced coma, he’s likely going to have a long road ahead of me. Once he’s out of critical condition and his care becomes more centered on rehabilitation, he’ll most likely be transferred to a long-term rehabilitation center. These facilities are geared to helping those with brain injuries and damage return to as much function as possible. Someone as physical and determined as Lamar Odom will likely take well to the regimen of rehabilitation.

Lamar Odom is no stranger to traumatic brain injuries himself. His wife, Khloe Kardashian, was involved in a car accident in 2001. During the incident, she was thrown through her vehicle’s windshield and suffered an extensive brain injury that still plagues her memory today.

Regardless of what the future holds, reports that Odom was more responsive Friday are a good sign. Friends, family, and fans should continue to keep Lamar Odom in their thoughts and send him the best of vibes.

[Image Courtesy: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images]