After Women And Crabs, Conspiracy Theorists Pledge That Buddha Has Been Spotted On Mars [Photo]

After spotting a crab and a woman on the surface of Mars in the last couple of months, conspiracy theorists are now claiming that they have found a statue of Buddha on Mars. Their claim states that the “sighting” of the Buddha statue on Mars is further proof that “intelligent life existed on Mars” at one point of time.

The latest “finding” comes hot on the heels of the spate of Mars sightings that have been doing the rounds on the internet lately. In early August, media outlets were abuzz with the news that NASA’s Curiosity Rover had photographed a mysterious woman-like figure standing on the surface of Mars. In the days to follow, alien hunters and social media enthusiasts dubbed her the “Dark Lady,” and now more than two months after she was first spotted, the photo continues to puzzle the alien-hunting community and cynical earthlings alike.

Closeup of the mysterious woman figure spotted on Mars.
Closeup of the "Dark Lady" figure spotted on Mars by conspiracy theories. (Photo: NASA)
The mysterious woman figure which was spotted on Mars in August.
The strange robe-clad woman on Mars. (Photo: NASA)

However, that was not a standalone discovery. Just a few days prior to the “Dark Lady” sighting, internet’s space hunters had come out of their shells at full-throttle when a very odd-looking “space crab” was spotted on the surface of Mars. Though some astronomers had tried to refute the authenticity of the sightings at the time, arguing that they stemmed for a psychological condition called pareidolia (the tendency to find distinct patterns in random or vague stimuli), the photos and the theories refuse to go away, with many convinced that the photo indeed shows a crab crawling up a rock on Mars.

And now, two months since these discoveries set internet abuzz, conspiracy theorists have put forward what they believe to be irrefutable evidence of intelligent life on Mars. According to the Daily Mail, religion seems to have reached Mars before human beings have. In a set of Mars photos released by NASA online recently, YouTuber Paranormal Crucible found a rock that resembled a statue of Gautama Buddha, a mystic and the founder of Buddhism.

Later, it was picked up by Scott C. Waring, an expert alien sleuth and an editor at UFO Daily, who said that the Buddha picture should be enough evidence for the United Nations to believe that life existed on Mars in the past.

“This photo alone should be enough to convince the United Nations that intelligent life once existed on Mars. NASA doesn’t want anyone to know the truth, because they will be asked to share the info and technology that they have found. This shows a face and head turned to its right, with breasts and a plump stomach, shoulders. Very remarkable detail in this photo.”

Though NASA tries to keep itself aloof from commenting on such discoveries, the recent surge in Mars sightings has prompted certain members involved with the Mars project to come out and clear the air. Ashwin Vasavada, one of the scientists who works with Curiosity, spoke to CNN about the sightings.

“There is no group that would be happier to see such a thing than the 500 scientists around the world who work on this Curiosity rover. So far we haven’t seen anything that is so obvious that it would be similar to what these claims are.”

Instead, scientists like Vasavada are of the opinion that the sightings spring from pareidolia, a form of apophenia, which is when people see patterns or connections in random, unconnected data. However, UFO sightseers remain firmly unconvinced with this explanation and see it only as part of the wider diversion tactics deployed by members of the NASA.

It seems the discovery of water on the surface of Mars did not do much to stir up the imagination of alien conspiracy theorists. Even though hailed as one of the biggest discoveries about the red planet in recent times, the fact that flowing water was found on Mars was not something that seemed to whet their appetites. Now that conspiracy theorists have discovered Buddha, who do you think they would find on Mars next? Matt Damon, perhaps?

[Photo via YouTube ScreenGrab and NASA]