WWE Rumors: Huge Heel Turn And Title Change Happening At 'Hell In A Cell'

In just about two weeks, John Cena is going to be taking around two months off from WWE, but he's currently still got the United States Title around his waist. That obviously means someone will be taking it before he is gone, but who? The United States Open Challenge has gone on for a few weeks now, and no-one has been able to capture the belt. Well, Dolph Ziggler will be taking it at Hell In A Cell and undergoing a heel turn in the process.

A couple weeks ago, Ziggler was right there with Cena and the Dudley Boyz as The New Day destroyed them all to end Monday Night Raw. The faces banded together, but the heels were too strong. This was, of course, after Ziggler had already been taken out by The New Day as he wanted to challenge Cena for the title.

This past Monday night, Ziggler finally got his chance and answered the call against Cena. It was a really good match between the two that ended with Cena getting the victory after an Attitude Adjustment, and he retained his title, as WWE.com recapped.

ziggler cena hell in a cell heel turn

It was a great story that showed the two have a great chemistry and one that wouldn't be bad to see again. The match seemed to bring out a cryptic nature in Ziggler as well, and it showed in a rather odd tweet he sent out on Thursday.

When it comes to his Twitter and social media accounts, Ziggler is kind of random and an odd duck. He posts strange things sometimes or things that makes his followers keep guessing and then it ends up being next to nothing.

This may be a post though, that takes a storyline further. It could be one that leads to more as it apparently is in reference to his Monday night match against John Cena. Yes, it was a good match, but it has the capability of being even better.

That's why it shouldn't be surprising if it happens again at Hell In A Cell.

ziggler heel turn hell in a cell wwe rumors cena

Officially, neither superstar has a match on the Hell In A Cell card as of yet. Six matches are officially listed for the main card and there is a tag team match on the kickoff show. It would not be surprising for one more match to be added, and it wouldn't be surprising if it was a United States Title match.

John Cena is going to lose the United States Title before he takes his break from WWE for a couple of months. There is no question about that. It just really seems like it's Dolph Ziggler's time to break through again and the U.S. Title has become prominent once again.

Now, it's believed that to give him another rejuvenated sense of spirit, WWE will be turning him heel as well. Cageside Seats believes it's on the way and that it definitely will be happening at the Hell In A Cell event later this month.

The title change could happen at the Monday Night Raw after the event, but it's kind of pointless unless WWE does it as an injury angle or shady way for Cena to lose the belt. It would be a bigger victory and speak volumes for Ziggler to turn heel and win the belt at Hell In A Cell.

Changes are coming to WWE this month, and it's going to be for a very deserving superstar. It's true that plans can change and always have a habit of doing so in WWE, but don't be surprised at Hell In A Cell if Dolph Ziggler turns heel and defeats John Cena for the United States Title.

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