Woman's Brutally Beaten Dead Body Was Hanging On Fence, Dismissed As Gory Halloween Decor

A woman's dead body was hanging from a fence in Chillicothe, Ohio, as neighbors dismissed the corpse as a gory Halloween decoration. However, a man walking his dog approached the body and thought it was too life-like to be decoration. Therefore, he called the police, who confirmed the body was a deceased person.

The Daily Mail reports that residents in Chillicothe, Ohio, were startled by a "life-like" Halloween decoration that appeared on a fence in the neighborhood. However, they were more startled when they were told the body was not decoration but that of an actual murder victim who got her shirt caught on the fence as she fled her killer.

A 31-year-old mother, Rebecca Cade, was brutally murdered in Chillicothe, Ohio, this week. However, the woman wasn't just murdered. Her body was also on display for an unspecified amount of time as passerby residents thought the gruesome scene was part of a gory Halloween decoration. According to the reports, Cade's body was found hanging on a fence by her shirt sleeve near an American Electric Power construction site. The woman's body was so badly injured that when police arrived, they could not tell if the body belonged to a man or a woman. Witnesses say the face was "beyond recognition."

However, during a press conference, police revealed that the deceased was 31-year-old mother Rebecca Cade. The woman's cause-of-death was determined as blunt force trauma to the neck and head. Police arrested 27-year-old Donnie Cochenour Junior for the murder and are currently holding him. His bail was set at $2 million.

Donnie Cochenour Jr.
Mugshot of suspect Donnie Cochenour Jr, the man accused of murdering Rebecca Cade.

Neighbors claim that they thought the body was a fake "zombie" placed on the fence as a Halloween decoration. According to WCPO, neighbor Tammy Dixon was one resident who thought the body wasn't real. However, after learning the corpse was real, Dixon notes it was "the worst Halloween scene" you could ever imagine.

"It was straight out of a horror story. It was the worst Halloween scene you could imagine."

The police reports indicate that Cade's body was not placed on the fence as a gruesome display by the murderer, but rather she caught her shirt on the fencing as she was attempting to flee her attacker. It was noted that a distinct blood trail was found at the scene. The trail shows that Cade was fleeing the attacker when her shirt sleeve got caught as she attempted to scale the fence. Ultimately, Cade was unable to free herself and remained suspended as she died from her injuries.

The police claim that Cochenour admitted to getting into a fight with Cade at the railroad tracks, and police were able to piece together the rest of the story with evidence found at the crime scene. Meanwhile, those who knew Cade claim that she struggled with drugs and was often seen "running the streets." However, despite her transgressions, she had "people who loved her." Denise Hughes, the woman who is raising Cade's 15-month-old son, says that "Rebecca didn't deserve that" and that she hopes she knew how much people loved her.

"Rebecca didn't deserve that. She was always running the streets and always doing drugs but she had people who loved her. I hope she knew that."

Rebecca Cade
Photo of Rebecca Cade, victim found brutally murdered on fence in Ohio.

Police officials were sure to note that the death of Rebecca Cade was not connected to the string of women found dead or missing in the area. Police are still looking for suspects in the murder of four women and disappearance of two that were connected to the sex and drug trade in the area.

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