‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Hook’s Father Has Been Cast, Plus Season 5 Episode 4 Preview

Are you ready to learn a bit more about Hook’s past? Are you wondering when a certain warning from the premiere will be brought up again? Do you want a look at the next Once Upon a Time episode, 504, “The Broken Kingdom”? Look no further, because here’s the latest out about the ABC series.

First of all, it hasn’t been an easy start to Once Upon a Time Season 5 for Hook, what with Emma now the Dark One and seeing no reason why they can’t still continue being together. In fact, in the last episode, she had him meet her on his ship with lunch and even dressed to look like the Emma she used to be. “I’m different. I’m better,” she told him. “I used to be scared and judgmental and closed off. … Now I see things clearly.” If he tells her he doesn’t love her, she’ll let him go, she says, and when he says, “I loved you,” she leaves, with his sword in hand, the sword she needed to wake Mr. Gold, as it is something that touched him when he was still a man and not yet the Dark One. So Hook was right that Emma needed something with that lunch.

OUAT's Hook and Emma

And that’s just with the first three episodes so far. It doesn’t sound like things are going to get much better for Hook as the season progresses, especially with an episode coming up about his past and his father, who abandoned him, being cast. According to Entertainment Weekly, Adam Croasdell will be playing the character, whose arrival was teased at the show’s New York Comic-Con panel.

As for Emma and why she needed Hook’s sword to wake Mr. Gold, she’s planning to make him into the hero she needs him to be in order to pull Excalibur from the stone. However, in the premiere, an usher (a.k.a. Merlin) had a warning for Emma about Excalibur.

“I know many things, and I’m here to tell you, don’t do it… When you do something that you’re not supposed to do, even if you do it for the right reasons, bad things will happen, Emma. Bad things. One day, you will have the opportunity to remove Excalibur from its stone, and you mustn’t. Leave the sword alone.”

According to TVLine, co-creator Eddy Kitsis called that warning “prophetic” and promised that “it will come back to either haunt – or warn – somebody” in Once Upon a Time Season 5.

In the next OUAT episode, “The Broken Kingdom,” following Lancelot’s warning about Arthur, Mary Margaret realizes the king of Camelot may be their biggest threat, and when she can’t convince David, she takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Hook’s unwavering love for Emma provides a glimmer of hope in her struggle against the unrelenting voice of the Dark One.

OUAT's David and Mary Margaret

ABC has posted a sneak peek from the Storybrooke residents’ time in Camelot. A sound draws Emma away from what she was doing and through the castle … to the dagger. The Dark One is quick to suggest “finders keepers,” and Emma does reach out to it, but there’s a spell on it. Emma resists, though when she turns to use her magic on the Dark One, she nearly hits Hook. “There’s no one here,” he reassures her. “It’s just us.” But that doesn’t stop the Dark One from appearing to Emma over Hook’s shoulder.

A second clip from this Sunday’s Once Upon a Time, posted by EW, is also from Camelot, and it takes place after the first one. While Hook and Henry take Emma somewhere to rest, Regina decides she needs to move the dagger, and Mary Margaret and David argue about what they should do and who can be trusted. He wants to let Arthur help with Emma, while she thinks they should listen to Lancelot’s warning.

Once Upon a Time Season 5 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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