Victoria's Secret Model Ashley Moore Gets Busty In Tiny String Bikini

Ashley Moore is a familiar face to fans of Model Squad, a reality TV show that follows models around to show people what their lives are really like. And recently, she was featured in a new post by Victoria's Secret. But that wasn't before she beat everyone to the punch with a sultry bikini pic, which she posted yesterday.

In the photo, she was spotted posing on her knees aboard a boat. Behind her, you could see blue-green ocean waters. It was geotagged at the Turks and Caicos Islands, and she was definitely channeling the island vibe. Ashley wore a tiger-print string bikini, and threw her hands up in the air. Her curly hair blew in the wind, as she gave a sultry look. The image was a hit, with over 29,000 fans stopping by to like it.

Meanwhile, the model was spotted on the VS feed wearing a small, black string bikini. So much so that the top looked a bit too small. Moore walked along the edge of an infinity pool, and held her arms up for balance. She smiled widely while looking down, and rocked her natural hair. The photo was geotagged in Amanyara. Thanks to the huge fan base from VS, this update has received over 73,000 likes so far.

Considering the popularity of VS, it's no wonder that many current and past Angels have cited the brand for accelerating their career. While it's hard to know the extent of Ashley's engagement with the brand, it could be an exciting new step for her modeling life.

With all that being said, Moore's fans likely enjoy her personality and brutal honesty. She previously opened up to TooFab about her career.

"I hate seeing the half-naked girls that are on their 24/7 just showing their ass and tits. We get it, you've got a great body," she noted.

Ashley also explained some of the misconceptions that people tend to have about modeling.

"Everything thinks modeling is just so easy, and you're just in front of the camera and posing. That's not the case. You're standing on your feet for 10 hours straight, changing into different looks, and you're constantly getting judged and picked to pieces. There's so much more to it than people realize and I'm really looking forward to people seeing that."
It seems that her passion for modeling outweighs any of the negative aspects. Hopefully there'll be more VS photos to look forward to also in the days ahead.