Chris Pratt Received Some Heartbreaking News On The Streets Of New York

It's pretty obvious that Chris Pratt has become a well-known name in Hollywood. Not only did Chris star in the highly-popular TV show, Parks and Recreation, but his box office hits, Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, caused Pratt to be called "the brightest leading man to come along in a long time." With these accomplishments in mind, it's reasonable to think that Chris' face is easily recognizable. Add to it the fact that Pratt had a leading role in the third highest-grossing movie ever made, and one would think that Pratt might be one of the most distinguishable celebrities at the current time.

Unfortunately for Pratt, that isn't the case. At least, not for quite a few New Yorkers.

Comedian Billy Eichner released a sneak peek of an upcoming episode of Billy on the Street that featured Chris as his celebrity guest. Eichner said the point of the clip was to "ask New Yorkers about how excited they are about Chris Pratt's career." What actually ended up happening was Eichner dragging Pratt down the sidewalks of New York to ask people the million-dollar question, or rather, the one dollar question: Do you know who this guy is?

Chris Pratt on 'Billy on the Street'
Billy Eichner asks a couple if they know who Chris Pratt is [Photo Courtesy of 'Billy on the Street'/TruTV]As it turns out, Pratt is not as identifiable as one would think. Billy, known for ambushing people on the streets of New York to ask them pop culture questions, yanked Chris around to ask random people on the sidewalk if they knew who Chris was. Surprisingly, most of them said, "No." One couple gave an "I don't know," and one woman said, "I have no idea." Even after offering people one dollar for correctly identifying Pratt, there were very few who even recognized his face.

Probably the best answer of the clip came after Eichner pointed to Pratt and told the man he was questioning that Deadline had named Chris the "brightest leading man to come along in years." When given the microphone, the man agreed with Eichner about Pratt and said that he was a good-looking guy who looked pretty bright. From the way the man was talking about Pratt, it seemed as if he knew exactly who the actor was and that he was even a fan of Chris'. Eichner asked the man if he knew who Pratt was, and the man only said, "F--- if I know!" Apparently to that guy, Pratt just looks like a very bright, handsome person.

Chris Pratt on 'Billy on the Street'
Billy Eichner asks a man if he knows who Chris Pratt is [Photo Courtesy of 'Billy on the Street'/TruTV]One woman did recognize Pratt but actually mistook him for Chris Evans to Billy's very audible dismay. A group of very enthusiastic, but obviously oblivious tourists cheered when Billy told them that Chris was Josh Duhamel. Another man identified Pratt as "Liam" when he was asked the question.

Finally, a woman named Renee knew exactly who Pratt was and even knew his wife, Anna Faris. She was very close to winning Eichner's approval, but she blew it when she said that she didn't watch Faris' show, Mom.

While there is a good chance that these people haven't seen Pratt in Parks and Recreation, it's kind of unbelievable that none of them recognized Pratt from his leading role in the third highest-grossing movie ever made, Jurassic World. Maybe these people have just been living under a rock.

The best part of this clip, however, is how down to earth Pratt actually is. While Billy, with his obnoxiously hilarious personality, loudly demanded random and unsuspecting people on the street to name Chris, the actor merely just looked amused. Considering he wasn't getting the recognition that usually comes with having multiple box office hits under your belt, it just goes to show what an easygoing guy Chris is.

Make sure to catch Chris Pratt in the newest episode of Billy on the Street this Thursday on TruTV.

[Photo Courtesy of Kevin Winter/Getty Images]