‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ridge Defends Himself, Nicole Seeks Support Regarding The Surrogacy

This has been an intriguing week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers indicate that viewers will see more from Nicole on Wednesday’s show, and the action also shifts back to the Ridge, Thomas, and Caroline situation, as well. What is slated to go down in the October 14 episode?

As viewers have seen this week, Maya and Rick approached Nicole about carrying a baby for them. This is, of course, no small favor to ask, though. Nicole is carefully considering the situation, and she had a heartfelt talk with Maya over it all on Tuesday’s show.

Nicole has talked with Zende about the situation, and She Knows Soaps notes that viewers will see the two of them take different stances on the possibility during Wednesday’s show. While Nicole seemingly wants to help Maya and is seriously considering moving ahead, Bold and Beautiful spoilers seem to indicate that Zende has some serious reservations.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers via the preview for the October 12 episode show Nicole leaning on Brooke for some support. As Celeb Dirty Laundry details, Nicole will share her concern that if she does move ahead with the pregnancy, it may lead to Zende seeing her differently. These two are in the early stages of their new relationship and carrying a baby for Rick and Maya could nip the romance in the bud before it really takes off.

Also ahead on Wednesday’s show, Ridge will talk about his decision to send Thomas to Paris. While the excuse may be related to Thomas’ recent fling with an intern and fight with his father, B&B fans know that Ridge’s angry decision was truly a result of learning that Thomas slept with Caroline, seemingly getting her pregnant.

The preview shows Ridge talking to someone, noting that he couldn’t even stand to look at Thomas, and that was why he sent him to Paris. It has also been teased that there is a conversation coming between Brooke and Caroline. Though this one has the potential to be incredibly juicy considering the pregnancy, it doesn’t look like things will go too far on this front quite yet.

As the week continues, others connected with Forrester Creations will make their opinions on this drama known. Steffy and Brooke, in particular, will come up with some theories about why Ridge took such a hard and seemingly sudden line when it came to Thomas and the company. Of course, neither Brooke or Steffy will be able to piece everything together at this point about Ridge’s real motives.

Though Ridge and Caroline may think they have a plan for now regarding Thomas and the pregnancy, viewers know that there is no chance this will stay a secret for long. Ridge can push Thomas away and try to appoint him to another area of the company, but a confrontation with Steffy over the changes is coming, and Ridge may have trouble maintaining control of this all.

Will Nicole move ahead with the surrogacy for Rick and Maya? Later in the week, viewers will see the newlyweds pursue some professional help, although Bold and Beautiful spoilers have not yet detailed exactly what kind of help this references.

What comes next for Caroline and Ridge on this surprise pregnancy? Will Steffy’s plans to control Ivy backfire on her? What will it take for Rick and Maya to begin the family they dream of having? There is plenty more to come in the upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful.


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