Jerusalem Attacks See Three Dead, Multiple Injured On ‘Day Of Rage’

In a “Day of Rage” declared by Palestinian groups, a fresh wave of violence has broken out in Jerusalem. Attacks occurred in multiple parts of the city Tuesday, including shootings, stabbings, and other attacks. Jerusalem has experienced a significant upsurge in violence between Palestinians and Jews over the past month, and the day’s violence saw at least three Israelis killed, as well as in excess of 17 Palestinians.

The most serious of the fresh Jerusalem attacks was an assault on a bus carried out by two assailants armed with knives and a gun. According to the Guardian, the attack began on a number 78 bus when a Palestinian man began stabbing passengers. According to the BBC, there were two attackers, one of whom opened fire inside the bus. Both outlets report that two people were killed in this attack and 16 injured. Israeli police arrived at the scene and shot both attackers, killing at least one.

In another area of Jerusalem, a man rammed into a bus shelter with his car before proceeding to stab his victims as they lay injured. One of these victims later died of wounds in hospital. Police then shot the perpetrator of the attack. Jerusalem officials have made no statement as to the condition of this attacker.

There has also been a wave of lone stabbing attacks. Jerusalem has seen a stabbing almost daily since early October. Just on Tuesday, a Palestinian man stabbed an Israeli at a bus stop in Ranaana, but failed to seriously wound his victim. He was reportedly beaten by bystanders and captured. In the same district, an Israeli woman was also stabbed – her attacker was arrested later in the day.

Jerusalem Attacks

Within a very short period of time, two Israelis were shot dead in the West Bank, and a spate of stabbings swept through many parts of Jerusalem. Attacks have been followed by security crackdowns, riots and clashes between Palestinians and security forces, with six Israelis and 27 Palestinians (including the alleged attackers) having been killed as a result of the attacks. Jerusalem’s Palestinian and Israeli communities have publicly accused each other of being responsible for the violence.

Jerusalem Attacks
Jerusalem Attacks

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