New Bath Salts Zombie Attack: Carl Jacquneaux Bites Off Man’s Face In Louisiana

Ever since Rudy Eugene’s cannibalistic, bath salt induced, attack in Miami last month, several real life zombie type stories have emerged. Sadly, the trend continues. Carl Jacquneaux, a 43-year-old Louisiana man, was arrested over the weekend for biting off a chunk of his neighbor’s face.

Police believe that Jacquneaux may have been on bath salts at the time of the attack.

Assistant Police Chief Kert Thomas said:

“During the attack, the suspect bit a chunk of the victim’s face off… He was clearly under the influence of some kind of drug.”

The victim, Todd Credeur, said that he was in his yard when he was attacked by Jacquneaux. The Huffington Post reports that Credeur was able to stop the attack by spraying his attacker with wasp spray.


After Jacquneaux left Credeur’s property, he entered the home of another neighbor and held him hostage at knife point. Jacquneaux stole a hand gun but was eventually apprehended by police.

Local TV station KATC reports that Jacquneaux was charged with aggravated burglary, battery, and violation of probation. He is currently being held on a $312,500 bond.

Here’s a video about the “cannibal” attack in Scott, Louisiana.