WWE News: Paul Heyman Compares CM Punk To Vince McMahon And Steve Jobs In Recent Interview

Paul Heyman is widely-considered one of the best managers in WWE history. Not only that, but Heyman is a master on the microphone. He is a master at promoting a match. Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker have a match at Hell in a Cell. It’s all a part of the Go To Hell Tour, featuring Lesnar’s return to the WWE. It began at the live show at Madison Square Garden in a match against the Big Show. Lesnar squashed the former World Heavyweight champion with ease.

Going back to Heyman, he’s able to promote anything and people respect the future WWE Hall of Fame manager. Reverting back to his early days in the territories, Heyman knew how to sell anything. He still does, which is why he’s cutting the best promos in the business.

Paul Heyman CM Punk

Heyman always had “Heyman Guys” in his time with the WWE. Some of them included Brock Lesnar, Curtis Axel and Cesaro. The most-infamous Paul Heyman Guy is CM Punk. As a former-WWE champion, Punk and Heyman created a tandem that caused more controversy in one year as champion than many do in a career.

After Punk left the WWE, he decided to live out a dream of his. The UFC signed him last winter and he is still expected to make his debut in the next 10 months. A shoulder injury will sideline him for a small amount of time. What brings Paul Heyman and CM Punk together is a recent interview with FoxSports.com, in which Heyman compared Punk to Vince McMahon, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

“It is also the greatest inhibitor of pursuing one’s dreams. Because you learn in terms of creativity of what not to do, but in terms of pursuing your dreams you learn all the reasons why something will fail. If you show me someone who’s afraid of failure, I’ll show you someone who is not a groundbreaking, innovative, pioneer of a certain industry. How many different ways could you have explained to Bill Gates why not to go in the direction he went in his life? They just released a movie on Steve Jobs. This guy broke every rule in the book, every convention and he was unrestrained in his pursuit of what everyone thought was crazy. Same with Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He broke every rule and could be given every reason not to do the things that he did.”

“Phillip Brooks does not have that background. It makes it all the more improbable, which is exactly why he’s so driven to do it. Because he looks in the mirror and he sees not only a rebel and an uncompromising spokesman for the beliefs that are near and dear to him, but he sees someone that will defy conventional wisdom and pull off miracles if that’s what it takes because he has one shot in life and he wants to do something quite special with it.”

CM Punk is creating a rift in the sports industry. The last person to do what Punk is attempting to do is Brock Lesnar. On a big level, Lesnar has done the one thing that nobody else has been able to accomplish. He’s a former-NCAA Heavyweight champion, UFC Heavyweight champion and WWE champion. CM Punk could achieve the two of the three achievements.

Brock Lesnar WWE.com

Heyman, comparing Punk to Gates, Jobs to McMahon is a big equivalence. The aforementioned innovators in business and technology changed the way their industry works. McMahon is a king of sports entertainment. Gates is a leader of technology and Jobs created Apple. Punk didn’t create anything, but the former-WWE champion is a leader in doing what he wants to do. Being in the UFC was a dream for Punk after he left the WWE. He is doing what Jobs, McMahon and Gates did; and that’s pursuing his dream.

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