Lil Wayne Sex Tape: Explicit Video Of Rapper Reportedly Hits The Internet, He Vows To Sue

Lil Wayne may have just had a sex tape leak, with reports of an explicit video allegedly showing the rapper along with two unidentified women.

The tape was reportedly leaked by a site called Diary of a Hollywood Street King, which also included a snippet allegedly showing Lil Wayne in an encounter with two women identified as strippers.

The site reportedly linked to a snippet of the video on the site and also included some background on how it was released.

"Last month, Vivid Entertainment was presented with a four-minute clip of the Lil Wayne's sex tape. After viewing the sex tape, reps at Vivid immediately called their alliance over at TMZ and sold the story.

"Everyone knows Wayne's a source for TMZ. That's why TMZ immediately got at Wayne, telling him about the story. Once they hipped Wayne, he said: 'If someone sells a sex tape of me with my socks on, I'll sue.'"

The site implies that Birdman, the record executive who has been at odds with Lil Wayne, could have something to do with the video's release.

News of Lil Wayne's alleged sex tape has been circulating for weeks, with reports from TMZ that a person who someone came in possession of the tape was trying to shop it around to the "big porn companies."

The current reports appear to match the description from these earlier reports. The rumors that began surfacing claimed that Lil Wayne was seen wearing his socks during the encounter, a strange detail that seems to match the reports of the actual sex tape that just allegedly leaked.

Lil Wayne did not dispute that a sex tape may exist but said he would be prepared to take legal action if was ever released.

"We'll sue the hell out of them," a rep for the rapper told TMZ.

Lil Wayne has been the subject of sex tape rumors in the past. Back when he and fellow rapper Nicki Minaj dated, there were reports that the two allegedly filmed an explicit video, though nothing ever came of the rumor.

It has been a busy season for celebrity sex tape rumors. Lil Wayne is one of a handful of celebrities who are allegedly featured in explicit videos, including one showing rapper Tyga and his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner.

But unlike the rumors of Lil Wayne's leaked tapes, insiders say Tyga is actually in control of the video and is looking for a big payday out of it.

According to Hollywood Life, Tyga is fielding offers for the sex tape himself.

"Tyga enjoys making love to Kylie now that she's 18. That's his girl and she's everything to him. He understands that the industry wants to see them get down and dirty in one big explosive sex tape. He's down to do that, but he wants more than $10 million... For Tyga to do this, he's looking for some serious meal tickets and knows he and Kylie can command way more than $10 million. He thinks that offer should be doubled for how he's willing to get down on film."

And Lil Wayne would not be the only celebrity threatening legal action stemming from an alleged leaked sex tape. Wrestler Hulk Hogan is currently moving forward on a lawsuit against Gawker for an unauthorized video that the site published. Hogan is seeking $100 million in damages, and earlier this month earned a court victory when a judge ordered that confidential files related to the case would remain sealed.

The Lil Wayne sex tape reportedly released this week has not been confirmed as authentic.

[Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]