WWE News: ESPN And WWE To Make Major Announcement Regarding ‘WrestleMania 32’

The WWE did something during SummerSlam weekend that hasn’t been done before. What is becoming known as the second-biggest weekend for the WWE every year, SummerSlam weekend was packed full with wrestling’s future and present-day stars. NXT Takeover held the Barclays Center hostage on Saturday night in late August. The next evening, SummerSlam was scheduled to take place. Capping the entire weekend off was Monday Night Raw on the following night.

World Wrestling Entertainment hasn’t done that before. Not even WrestleMania weekend is that large at the same arena. Granted, WWE Raw can’t be held outside. They usually hold Raw at an arena close to the WrestleMania venue. SummerSlam turned the tables for future pay-per-views. In fact, SummerSlam weekend will feature the same schedule at the Barclays Center next year.

SummerSlam Weekend 2016 WWE
Before it began, ESPN announced that Jonathan Coachman would be there live. SportsCenter has never reported on the WWE before, but SummerSlam was the impetus of that relationship. News stories were rarely covered, but nothing was done like SummerSlam in August. Since Coachman and Todd Grisham built their careers in the WWE, the partnership was easy, and it made sense.

That partnership between the WWE and ESPN may not be over. According to Jonathan Coachman on Twitter, another announcement regarding both entities is coming.

That last tweet was directed at a post insinuating his message was geared towards a WrestleMania 32 appearance by ESPN. The popular cable network covers sports on a daily basis. It’s their excellence in reporting that set them apart from everyone else. Nobody is larger than ESPN on the sports reporting front. Moving into the realm of sports entertainment is a wise decision.

Forbes.com writer Blake Oestreicher analyzed ESPN’s coverage of SummerSlam in August.

“But the higher-ups at ESPN have apparently decided that, despite not everyone being on board, the all-sports channel is willing to change with the times.

“The once black-and-white line between sports and pro wrestling has faded to a shade of gray, thanks primarily to the success of wrestler-turned-fighter-turned-wrestler Brock Lesnar. Lesnar’s success in both the WWE and UFC—where he’s won the heavyweight title in both companies—makes him a hot commodity in both the sports and sports entertainment worlds.”

With ESPN changing its coverage theory, how will this help the WWE in the long run? First, they may have secured a deal with ESPN on covering WrestleMania 32. It’s their biggest event of the year, and if ESPN is there, perhaps fans will give WWE a chance. The older folks who stopped watching may start to peak in the window again if it’s on SportsCenter. That said, one thing must be understood by all WWE fans.

Brock Lesnar WWE ESPN
If ESPN is going to be there, bigger stars may be utilized. Brock Lesnar was on SportsCenter before WrestleMania 31. That’s where he broke the news of his contract extension. The plan for Lesnar to do that was pre-determined, and ESPN wanted to be the place to break it. All of the rumors about the Rock appearing at WrestleMania 32 just got more traction.

Rock is a huge movie star, and ESPN will want to capitalize on that fact. Just like Lesnar, Rock will appear on SportsCenter or First Take to announce his opponent or a deal that has the potential to be signed. The WWE is doing the wise thing by riding the ESPN hype train. Even though their momentum is stagnant, that doesn’t mean WWE won’t reap the rewards of a potential partnership.

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