iPhone App Remembers Where You Parked, Finds Your Car

Kickstarter has struck again, this time helping a startup release an iPhone app that can help you find your car after you park and lose your way. Known as the Find My Car Smarter app the program actually involves a $.99 application and a small bluetooth device.

The bluetooth device which comes with a USB adapter is $25-$30 and currently the program only works with the iPhone 4S.

To use the app users simply sync the car plug-in with their phone once its plugged in, once the app is launched it automatically displays where you parked, including the distance to your car and how long you have been parked in that location. That final feature should make city drivers happy as they try to avoid an often expensive ticket when their parking meter runs over.

The Find My Car Smarter project first appeared on Kickstarter where it managed to raise $40,177 which was used to manufacture the Bluetooth smart devices.

Here’s how the application works:

“When you start your car, the Find My Car Smarter App wirelessly connects to the Find My Car Smarter Device. After you have parked your car your engine and the Find My Car Smarter Device, powered by your cigarette lighter, turn off. The App realizes that your car is parked and then activates the GPS on your iPhone momentarily to save your car’s location. If you lose your car, simply launch the app and it will help you navigate your way back by showing you your current location and the location of where you last parked your car.”

The program even allows for Dropbox support which is great if more than one person drives the vehicle and you want to share its exact location with them. The application also allows for multiple vehicle storage information so one app can be used for all family vehicles, although separate bluetooth adapters will then be required.