Alabama Man Claims Girlfriend’s Haunted Dolls Attacked Him While He Slept Because They Hate Men

Angelica N. Sumter - Author

Oct. 11 2015, Updated 5:53 p.m. ET

An Alabama man claims that his girlfriend’s collection of over 100 haunted dolls are banned from his bedroom because two of them attacked him while he slept, according to the Mirror. Phillip Baston, 25, of Leeds, said that when he first met his 24-year-old girlfriend, Ashley Nicole-Fine, she kept her dolls in her bedroom but when he moved in, he asked her to move them because he was attacked in the middle of the night.

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Nicole-Fine stated that the attack stemmed from the dolls’ hatred towards men. She said two of the possessed dolls had been murdered by their boyfriends. And although she obligingly moved the dolls into another room in their home, she stated that it’s as far as they’ll move because she had her “girls way longer than I’ve had Phillip. I love my dolls more than most things in life.”

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According to the Daily Mail, she began collecting the haunted dolls since the age of 12 and “He knows I would choose them first over anybody.”

However, “Philip was waking up with scratches that he didn’t have when he went to bed,” she said. “They weren’t huge ones, they were little but they were enough to cause concern and I had to find out who was doing it.” She assumed it was her doll Mirabella who “had been strangled by a jealous lover and she told me she was dumped in a lake.”

It couldn’t have been her doll Violet because she was supposedly possessed by a little girl named Angie from the 1500s, who didn’t appear to be dangerous.

“When I first got her, I had a vision in my sleep about how she passed away,” Nicole-Fine said. “The little girl was with her family having dinner, and someone came in. I’m assuming from the dream they were shot or something because all I saw was them sat at dinner and then a loud crash and then an image of the doll in a puddle of blood.”

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After having the dream, she awoke the following morning and “found her [doll] in the middle of my floor, face up in the same position as she was in the dream. It was pretty exciting. I don’t get easily scared when things like that happen and they happen a lot.” Especially the sound of Brahm’s Lullaby, which is what plays through Violet’s music box and it often turns on for no reason at all. “You have to put some effort into turning the little key on her back to make the music start, because she’s a pretty old doll. There’s no physical explanation for that.”

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Another doll called Annabelle, which was given to Nicole-Fine by her boyfriend’s aunt, seems to be the most active and evil, but Nicole-Fine refuses to call her dolls that.

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“I don’t know if she was spirited when I got her, but she certainly is now. Maybe being around my other very active dolls made her spirited. Already having spirited or haunted dolls in the house opens up a portal to the other side. I’ve always been a beacon for spirits too. That probably helped draw her out.”

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She has also stated that she often hears an unfamiliar little girl’s laugh through the house, but is almost certain that it’s Annabelle.

“I know all their laughs very well, but I started to hear another one,” she claimed. “It had to be Annabelle. However, they never laugh when I’m in the room. They don’t like to ‘show’ unless I’m out of the room. I live with my partner and our dogs so there’s nobody else it could have been. There are houses nearby, but not close enough that I’d hear the laughter inside my house.”

Nicole-Fine feels as though the spirits within the dolls are open to tell their stories with her because of her interest in the spirited world. And although they each have somewhat of a violent past and have attacked her boyfriend while he slept, she will never part ways with her dolls.

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