‘Fish Gape’ Is The New ‘Duck Face’ Selfie Post

There’s a new duck face in town, and its name is fish gape. With the overdone duck face pose, mainly women tended to suck their cheeks in and pout their lips out, as if to slim their faces and pretend to give someone a kiss on the other side of the photo. With the fish gape trend, photos are popping up on Instagram that show off the less dramatic pose, with lips slightly parted in order to provide a more realistic photo — perhaps showing a bit of teeth.

no more duck face
fish gape

As seen on Instagram under the “fish gape” hashtag, there are more than 1,700 photos tagged #fishgape and counting. Some of the photos tagged “fish gape” display women with their lips only slightly parted, while others show more of a wider smile that displays more teeth. The new selfie trend of “fish gape” replacing the old hat “duck face” can be credited as becoming popular via celebrities. Fish gape is taking over selfies, reports Teen Vogue‎, thanks to famous folks like Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez being displayed in Instagram photos that show a slight, sexy smile that’s not really a smile at all. Instead, it’s a simple parting of the lips that all at once makes folks appear to have bigger, more plump lips and a relaxed look.

Oprah Winfrey once mentioned not smiling so wide, but to part the lips and smile that way as a method of offering up a better look in photos. Indeed, while giving off a wide, big smile can move the lips open like curtains that frame a beautiful set of teeth, smiling so wide also has its drawbacks. Some of those downsides include the fact that wrinkles can be highlighted, or a big wide smile can appear fake if it’s not genuinely felt on the inside.

Ariana's Fish Gape

While the “fish gape” smiles aren’t as wild and crazy as the “surprised face” selfies, they can produce a beautiful photo if done correctly and from the heart. Think of a fish beneath the water, opening its mouth as it gasps for air, and that’s one way to position your mouth in order to capture the growing “fish gape” selfie movement.

Instead of a tense face, the “fish gape” smile involves a slack jaw that is relaxed. By breathing in through your mouth during a “fish gape” pose, the cheeks naturally suck in – but not as dramatically as the unnatural “duck face” pose that looks like a “kissy” face.

However, just like the “duck face,” the “fish gape” pose mimics a sexy look and the seductive attempts of its predecessor. The “fish gape” face pose also helps to smooth away wrinkles, instead of unnecessarily creating wrinkles in the face by smiling too widely or frowning or other more expressive poses.

With the popularity of selfies – which have created the rise in things like “selfie surgeries” that people undergo to look better in photos – all sorts of new smiles are breaking through on the forefront of Instagram.

Scrolling through the photos on Instagram, especially the pics that famous people post on Instagram with millions of followers to see them in an instant – the new “fish gape” facial expression trend becomes apparent. The “duck face” pose tended to flatter those trying to hollow out their cheeks and provide an instant weight loss look, but “fish gape” might be a more universal “smize” of sort for anyone who wants to try their hand at it. The “fish gape” dictates a tongue tucked out of the way, usually lips that are highlighted with lip gloss and a cool color pencil – and thoughts of something sexy or serene.

[Images via Instagram]