Oscar Pistorius House To Become ‘Party House’ To ‘Celebrate Life’ [Video]

The former home of Paralympian Oscar Pistorius, vacated after he was jailed for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, is now to become a party house. A video included in this article takes viewers on a brief tour of the luxury home.

Two men who are renting out Pistorius’ house in the security estate in Pretoria recently spoke up in a YouTube video, talking of their plans to convert the house into a party house. In the video made by Netwerk24 included below, David Scott, 33 and his business partner, Kagiso Mokoape, 23, give a tour of the luxury home, located in the upmarket Silver Woods Country Estate in Pretoria.

While some media reports had said that no one was keen on renting the former Paralympian’s house, it seems these two gentlemen have gone ahead.

Outside the home, Scott says that they will decorate the house to commemorate what happened there. With a beer in his hand, and turning to indicate the living area, Scott points out that Oscar Pistorius’ former home is definitely an entertainer’s house, saying “Oscar built this house to entertain.”

Heading out to the pool, Scott continued, “Hot girls can invite themselves.” While in the garden area, he points to the window of the bathroom, where Oscar Pistorius thought an intruder had climbed a ladder and entered the house on the night he shot Steenkamp.

While Scott sounded a bit blasé at times about the whole situation, considering the history of the house, Mokoape went on to explain that while they enjoyed life and entertainment, their work always came first. He did add, however, that there would be a party in the house every weekend.

Scott and Mokoape then take viewers on a tour of the bathroom where Oscar Pistorius allegedly mistook his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, for an intruder. He shot her dead through the closed bathroom door on Valentine’s Day back in 2013.

Speaking of Steenkamp, Mokoape says, “I feel bad for Reeva’s parents and my heart goes out to her family. What he did was wrong. It was never supposed to happen that way.”

According to News24, it was after the video was published on YouTube that Scott realized they had probably conveyed the “totally wrong message” with their words. He posted a comment on his Facebook page Saturday saying in Afrikaans, “The house is about celebrating life and to be reminded about how precious it is! Not to make a mockery.”

However, the comment above his on Facebook was rather less diplomatic, saying: “Ek lag my dood! [I laughed myself to death]. Bietjie uit [Bit out of] proportion but u know what they say… there’s no such thing as bad publicity! He he.” The video can be seen below. Please note that while it starts off in Afrikaans, Scott and Mokoape do speak in English.

As reported on the Inquisitr, Oscar Pistorius has been in prison for almost a year on a charge of culpable homicide in the shooting of Steenkamp.

He was expected to be released on parole in August this year in order to serve out the rest of his five year sentence under house arrest. However, it was decided by the court not to release Pistorius, saying the parole board had acted prematurely when they decided back in June that he could be released under house arrest. He will also require psychotherapy before being released.

According to News24, Pistorius was also sentenced to a further three years, suspended for five years, for discharging a firearm at a restaurant in Sandton, Johannesburg, back in January, 2013, shortly before he shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp.

Reportedly the Kgosi Mampuru II prison parole board postponed a hearing Friday on Oscar Pistorius’ parole until October 21. In the meantime, Pistorius will continue to languish in prison.

[Photos: House by screen capture from YouTube video — cropped insert of Oscar Pistorius by Pool / Getty Images News]

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