Oscar Pistorius Denied Parole In Murder Case, Prison Buddy Radovan Krejcir Planned Jail Escape

With Oscar Pistorius denied parole based upon the new board meeting, the infamous Paralympic star is now being asked to attend psychotherapy. In addition, it has come out that Pistorius’ prison buddy, Radovan Krejcir, allegedly planned a prison break.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, back in August, Oscar Pistorius’ release from prison was halted. He was originally sentenced to five years in prison, and was granted an early release program, but South Africa’s Department of Justice determined the planned release was premature.

Once dubbed the blade runner due to his prosthetic limbs, Oscar Pistorius was charged with culpable homicide for the shooting and killing his of his former girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine’s Day in 2013. The court claimed that Pistorius did not intentionally kill Steenkamp, and that he accidentally thought she was an intruder, but they still sent him to prison.

At one point, the plan was to allow Pistorius to be released early based upon home arrest. But even a year ago, this idea hit a snag since home release prisoners are required to wear electronic monitoring devices on their legs, which is quite impossible considering that his limbs were amputated when he was only 11 months old.

“The device has to be attached physically to the offender’s ankle,” one prison source said at the time. “We cannot use it on false limbs which could be left somewhere static while the offender goes missing.”

Now, with Oscar Pistorius denied parole once again, the parole board is repeating their belief that a prison release is “premature.”

“The PRB [parole review board] also directed that the offender be subjected to psychotherapy in order to address criminogenic factors of the crime he committed,” the review board said in a statement, according to the Guardian.

Pistorius was actually due to leave prison in August of 2015, but the case was sent to a review panel at the last minute after justice minister Michael Masutha intervened. The defense has argued that exposing Pistorius to a retrial amounts to double jeopardy, which is not permissible by law. In addition, Pistorius is not financially able to afford a new trial since he was stripped of his lucrative sponsorship contracts. Since the blade runner has been unable to race professionally since the shooting of Steenkamp, he has no income to support a new trial.

Pistorius’ family says that denying Oscar Pistorius’ parole “flies in the face of administrative justice.”

“This experience leaves us with the uncomfortable conclusion that the public, political and media hype that was allowed to develop around Oscar’s trial has undermined his right to be treated like any other prisoner,” Pistorius’ family said in a statement.

But Masutha insists that Pistorius has been treated fairly.

“As long as the law prescribes a matter should be dealt with in a particular way, fairness in justice simply means upholding the rule of law and in this instance, that’s what the law required and that’s the way the matter had to be dealt with,” he said.

Oscar Pistorius’ Prison Friend Planned An Escape?

In addition, Pistorius’ prison story became a little bit stranger when it was revealed that Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir had planned an elaborate prison escape. According to the Daily Mail, the plot involved “a gun hidden in a jail treadmill, a helicopter, a private plane, his own mother and a new life in the Argentine sunshine.” It is believed that Krejcir had planned on paying off jail staff in order to help him escape, and it was confirmed that a 9mm handgun was found taped to a prison treadmill.

Krejcir and Pistorius once both shared a private gym together in the South African Kgosi Mampuru high security prison, and they were once filmed together playing football. They first met in the hospital wing and were incarcerated as neighbors for six months, and prison letters revealed their friendly relationship. But Krejicir was eventually transferred away due to “security reasons,” and now he is isolated.

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