Chris Brown’s Date With Royalty [Photos]

Chris Brown shared with Instagram the day he spent with Royalty at the Zoo. Father-daughter time is always an adorable thing to witness. Until recently, Chris was in fear that he would only able to see Royalty through supervised visits. When you know your greatest fear isn’t coming true, you can’t help but be happy, and he has been all smiles. You can truly see the level of enjoyment he had while spending time with his daughter.

According to TMZ, Chris Brown had to go through a child custody battle with Nia Guzman, the mother of his child. Her wish was to deny Chris Brown his custodial rights and to only allow him supervised visits. The judge however ruled in Chris Brown’s favor, rewarding him with joint custody which now allows him to have Royalty for 12 days out of each month.

The first part of their father-daughter date included Brown taking Royalty to the recording studio. His upcoming studio album release entitled Royalty was due for a touch of Royalty. She laid down some tracks to be featured on his album, she maybe one of the youngest ‘recording artiste’ to be featured on an album. Chris Brown fans have been awaiting the release of this album, and it has created an even bigger buzz now that Royalty has been set to be featured. Urban Islandz spoke to a source that is close to Chris Brown, who was quite happy to have her in studios.

“Of course you can’t have an album [titled] Royalty without the queen being featured on it. It was fun having her in the studio and you can tell that she is a star in the making.”

In August Chris Brown announced that his new album would be titled, Royalty.


The album name should not come as a surprise to anyone, Chris has been very close to his daughter since March. Chris Brown missed the first nine months of his daughters life, because he was unaware that she was his child. It was brought to his attention in March and it appears that he has been making up for all the lost time. He has since written a song for her and the two have been seen together everywhere. From on the red carpet at the Billboard awards, celebrity basketball games to Chris Brown bringing her on stage at one of his concerts.

A photo posted by @chrisbrownofficial on

Brown’s social media accounts have been filled with pictures of him and his little princess. The love and admiration seen in Chris Brown’s eyes when he is with Royalty is a joy to see. Their latest date at the zoo was no different, he was truly happy to spend time with her and it is clear the Royalty is daddy’s little girl.

These are just a few pictures posted of the time that was spent together on their safari zoo date. Chris Brown can be seen holding royalty close as they enjoy the zoo. Royalty appears to be taken with the tall giraffe and the giraffe appears that he is taken with her as well, which is why he could not help photobombing the father-daughter pair. It makes you wonder what other adventures we are missing out on. Keeping an eye on his Instagram page should allow us to see more adorable pictures of the loving pair.

Regardless of all the drama that has surfaced since Chris Brown has discovered that Royalty is his daughter, he has used his time to build a relationship with her. Regardless of how he has been seen in the media over the years, everyone is truly touched when they see the love that he has for his daughter. Royalty is a true bundle of joy and Chris Brown treats her like a queen.

[Images via Chris Brown Instagram]