Harry Potter Is Now Interactive And Absolutely Stunning

Eight years have passed since the last Harry Potter novel has been published, and it has been four years since the last installment of the movie series. Potter fans have been hoping that a new book for the series would be in the works. The years have passed, and still no word for the eighth book, but there have been new additions that put a fresh approach on the series.

The Harry Potter series has had new releases that have excited Potter fans everywhere. Jim Kay has done a wonderful job with bringing the characters and the scenery from the Harry Potter book to life in the newly released Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition. Entertainment Weekly has been covering the new release giving a peek into what the book has to offer.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: The Illustrated Edition

The illustrations are absolutely stunning and brings new life to the reader’s imagination, in a way the movies would not capture. It truly created a new depth to the world of Harry Potter that readers can fully emerge themselves in. It has become a must-have for Harry Potter lovers around the world, allowing them to enjoy the story that they love so much in another form. This is also a great way to bring the younger generation into the world of Harry Potter, as the illustration makes for a great looking story book that appeals to the visual nature of youngsters.

Twitter has seen many tweets like this, from fans, the publishing house, and J.K. Rowling. Searching the hashtag “HarryPotterIllustrated” on Twitter will give an inside look on a few of the amazing illustrations found in this edition.

On the heels of the this stunning release comes the release of the Harry Potter iBooks that brings the story to life in a whole new way. According to Polygon, Harry Potter e-books were only available on the Pottermore website, but have now been made available to Apple users. These, however, are no ordinary ebooks. iBooks offers an enhanced version. J.K. Rowling is excited about the new release and was happy to express it at her press release with Apple.

“I’m thrilled to see the Harry Potter books so beautifully realized on iBooks for the digital world, the artwork and animations in these enhanced editions bring the stories alive in a delightful new way.”

The enhanced iBooks have digital pictures and animations that readers can now interact with, allowing users to explore another realm of their imagination as they read all seven installments of the series. Have you ever wanted to catch the golden snitch? Then these iBooks gives you the chance you have been waiting for.

Apple executives are excited that not only did they bring the Harry Potter series to iBooks, but are now providing an enhanced reading experience that is exclusive to the iBook platform. The enhanced books have been made available for $9.99 and are available for purchase in 32 countries. They are also going to be made available in different languages: Spanish, French, and German. These will be made available to different countries in November on the iBook platform, allowing iPhone, iPad, and Mac users worldwide the opportunity to truly enjoy Harry Potter in a new way.

The images are also complimented by the annotations of J.K. Rowling. These annotations are from Pottermore, where Rowling has often revealed the inner workings and hidden story lines from Harry Potter. Pottermore recently revealed the truth behind Harry’s wealth. Although aspects of the books can be found on Pottermore, there are new, never-before-seen features that are available in the digital pages of the Potter series, creating a truly exclusive experience to Apple users.

Harry Potter is coming to life on stage, as well! According to J.K Rowling’s website, the new play, titled Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, is expected to be done in two parts, with the premiere set to take place in London’s West End for the Summer of 2016. Tickets should be made available for sale this Autumn.

The legend of Harry Potter still lives, as the energy and buzz that surrounds the series appears to be alive even though years have passed since the final story has been told. The current development asks the question, is this buzz leading up to the possibility of a new book installment, or will the fire on Harry Potter constantly be fed?

[Image by China Photos / Getty Images]