‘General Hospital’ Secrets: Whose Lie Will Be Exposed First?

There are so many secrets on General Hospital these days that it is so hard to keep track of them all. Everyone seems to be keeping them and once they all are revealed, there will be explosives flying in Port Charles. But whose lie will be revealed first?

Of course, the biggest secret right now is that Jake Doe is really Jason Morgan. It is not only Elizabeth’s secret to keep, but also Nik’s, Laura’s, and Lucky’s secret as well. Oh, and Hayden is also keeping quiet that she knows this little tidbit. The Jason reveal is happening soon and Elizabeth is becoming desperate as her wedding to Jake is coming close.

Liz has everything she has ever wanted. She is finally marrying Jason and becoming a family with him. Unfortunately, he has another family that she is keeping quiet about. ABC revealed a few General Hospital spoilers and one of them said that next week, Elizabeth will run to Hayden to find out what she really knows about Jason. Will Hayden play dumb, or will she tell Liz what she knows and make her squirm?

General Hospital's Elizabeth

While Elizabeth is in the hot seat, her fiancé is with his wife Sam trying to find out who he is. They are sure that Nikolas is hiding something and are desperately trying to locate some information at the castle that will reveal Jake’s true identity. Nik is full of secrets. He not only knows who Jake Doe is, but he is also keeping mum that he is the one who ordered a hit on his houseguest Hayden.

Unfortunately for Nik, she now knows both secrets and is more than willing to make him pay. Hayden could expose everything, but for now she is staying quiet and playing dumb. You can bet that she has a plan, but can she win against Nik?

There are other secrets that could blow up at any time. Olivia has just brought her baby son Leo back to town and was caught by baby daddy Julian, who thinks his son is dead. Olivia quickly concocted a story that she adopted the baby. Julian seemed to buy it but it looks like girlfriend Alexis may not. General Hospital spoilers say that she will question Olivia’s story.

General Hospital's Olivia

Who is pregnant? Previous rumors said that both Valerie and Sabrina would get pregnant. This past week had Sabrina buying a pregnancy test, but it was Valerie who got caught with one by mistake when their bag of goodies got mixed up. Now everyone thinks that Valerie could be having Dante’s baby. She did set Dante straight after he accused her of being pregnant. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Valerie is now done with Dante, but for how long? However, it is looking like Sabrina is with child instead. According to the ABC spoilers, Tracy finds out her secret that she is currently keeping from Michael.

It could still be true that Valerie is pregnant as well, even if she doesn’t think so. That would be bad for Dante and Lulu who want to try for another baby. Dante is keeping his one night stand with Valerie from his wife, but unfortunately, Dillon now knows about it. Will he spill this secret to Lulu next week?

One couple who seems to be open and honest with each other is Franco and Nina. It was revealed that next week on General Hospital, they will be talking about their relationship and Nina will reveal intimate things about her past with Silas and her lack of sex experience. These two have become a favorite couple on General Hospital and for now they don’t seem to be keeping each other in the dark about anything. Of course, that could change in an instant.

There are so many secrets in Port Charles that many are scrambling to keep. At least one of them is bound to explode eventually. Which one will be revealed first?

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