Is This Really Jessa Seewald’s Baby Registry — With Selfie Stick, iPod, And Football Memorabilia? [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] A screenshot has surfaced that appears to confirm that the registry in question also, at one point in its existence, bore the names ‘Jessa and Ben.’ See below.

There’s speculation floating around the blogs and discussion pages that Jessa Seewald’s baby registry has been found. The registry in question is at Wal-Mart, and there are reasons to doubt it’s really Jessa’s — such as the fact that it was initially listed under the name “Jessica Duggar,” which is neither Jessa’s first nor last name. However, there are also more than a few hints that it could indeed be the Seewald family’s registry. If so, some of the items on it are interesting. Either way, Jessa’s social media pages are bearing out the public opinion of the items on the list.

Here’s what goes against the registry being Jessa’s: the name is completely wrong. Her name is Jessa, not Jessica. She’s also now a Seewald, not a Duggar. Furthermore, the registry doesn’t appear to have been promoted on any of the Duggar or Seewald social media pages or websites.

However, there are possible explanations. The name “Duggar” might have been used on purpose to make the registry easier to find, since it’s the better-known name, and it’s possible that a clerk set up the name and misheard “Jessa.” It seems like a long shot, but it isn’t impossible, and a lot of viewers are taking it for a sure thing.

Updated information: Members of the Facebook group Contacting Sponsors #NoMoreDuggars provided the screenshot below, showing that the registry was once under the names of ‘Jessa and Ben’ before being changed again to the first initials.

Is it Jessa Seewald's registry? It once bore names Jessa and Ben.

Notably, once interest in the registry began to rise, the name on it was changed from “Jessica Duggar” to “J and B.” If it belongs to someone other than the Seewald couple, the actual registry owner being a couple that shares the initials is a slight coincidence, and the timing of the change is a bigger one. Of course, it could be a deliberate fake by a Duggar detractor — a Wal-Mart gift registry isn’t exactly hard to set up and doesn’t require ID. (Though if someone actually wanted to make Jessa look bad, there are worse things to add to a gift registry than selfie sticks.)

If the registry does indeed belong to the Seewald family, there are a few items of interest on it.

There are a few baby items themed around the Arkansas Razorbacks — a team we know the Duggars love and show regular support for.

Jessa Seewald comes from a family of Razorback fans

Not all of the items exactly look like they’re for Baby Seewald, though.

Jessa Seewald's purported registry includes odd items.

Another interesting point is that though the Duggar family is pretty strongly in favor of traditional gender roles (and conservative dress for girls) the registry contains both a Bratz doll (not exactly conservative) and a pop gun (which it seems unlikely Jessa would give a girl).

Jessa Seewald's registry or not?

Of course, Jessa has been hinting hard at the possibility of twins, but her pregnancy selfies don’t carry the appearance of a woman 36-weeks pregnant with two babies.

Jessa Seewald doesn't look like she's carrying twins.

The toys aren’t the only items that seem to cover both genders (again, assuming the person behind the registry holds with strong traditional gender roles, and keeping girls in dresses) — there are also clothing items that include both a dress and overalls.

Is this Jessa Seewald's registry?

Of course, Jessa recently told the Duggar Family Blog readers that she is even keeping the baby’s gender a secret from the extended Duggar and Seewald families, and hinted on Instagram that her sister, Jinger, doesn’t even know.

However, though the items above are interesting in light of Jessa’s upbringing, they aren’t the items she’s being criticized for on social media. Instead, viewers are rolling their eyes at the notion that Baby Seewald could possibly need an iPod and a selfie stick.

Does Jessa Seewald want a selfie stick for baby?
Jessa Seewald's purported registry includes selfie stick

Of course, a lot of baby toys, including stuffed animals, can now be connected to a real iPod, tablet, or smartphone to play music and video, and as frequently as Jessa takes pregnancy selfies, moving up to selfies with Baby Seewald should be an expected move — and with a selfie stick, she can take them elsewhere than her mirror.

There are also a number of other pricey electronic goodies, such as a few LeapPad items, including one that connects to a television — again, interesting since Jessa Seewald was brought up in a television-free household, but not such a strange thing to ask for as a child’s gift, though it’s a bit mature for a newborn.

Then there are baby books, several with a religious theme, including Baby’s First Bible and a Bible-themed alphabet book — more items that certainly sound like things Jessa’s child would be gifted, but that also certainly don’t narrow the recipient down much or prove that this really is the Seewald family’s registry.

The items, though not exactly the usual fare for a baby registry, are believable for the couple, who were also noted to ask for odd hings (including candy and toys) on their wedding registry. E! describes Ben Seewald scanning footballs, dart guns, and other items that aren’t exactly the usual wedding fare.

On her social media pages, Jessa has taken criticism from viewers who think the requests for pricey electronics are tacky, or that requests for a selfie stick and iPod are self-centered and not focused on the baby’s actual needs (not that it’s the first time she’s been criticized as self-centered).

The registry is here — do you think it really belongs to Jessa Seewald? So far, she hasn’t responded to a message asking if it’s hers.