‘Rick and Morty’ Season 2 Finale Leaves Fans Hanging…For A Year And A Half [Spoilers]

Say it isn’t so, Rick and Morty fans. Another 18 months until a new episode of the raunchy, super-smart and hilarious Adult Swim sci-fi series hits the air. Possibly even longer. The 18-month-delay, announced by a still-recovering Mr. Poopybutthole during a post-credit sequence following the Rick and Morty Season 2 finale, comes following the announcement that Rick and Morty has been renewed for a third season. Deadline reassured fans on August 12 that Rick, Morty and the rest of the crew would be coming back for at least one more season. If the show hadn’t been renewed, the Season 2 finale would have been cruel and unusual; instead it’s just an evil, mind-bending cliffhanger.

'Rick and Morty' chracter "Mr. Poopybutthole."
What happened during the “Rick and Morty” Season 2 finale? Warning: Spoilers ahead. The finale episode, “The Wedding Squanchers,” starts out with Rick, Morty and the Smith family getting an invitation to the Tammy and Birdperson’s nuptials on Planet Squanch. Rick, in his typical fashion, declines. He says that weddings make everyone miserable and refers to them as “funerals with cakes.” Jerry unwittingly (and unwillingly) gets couriered to the wedding, leaving Rick and the remaining Smiths to go after him, ultimately ending up at the wedding.

Rick and his cynicism don’t gel well with the happy event. He’s less than cooperative with the festive spirit, and ends up at the bar with Jerry, after Jerry puts his foot in his mouth trying to make small talk with the bride’s parents. Rick and his terrible attitude don’t go unnoticed by Morty, who advises his grandfather to get into the spirit and be happy for the good fortune of one of his oldest, closest friends (Birdperson). Rick tries to get into the swing of things; he even gives the wedding toast. It’s only moments later that things go horribly wrong, and Rick’s misgivings about the wedding are more than proven to be true.

Tammy announces herself to be a member of the Federation, the intergalactic organization that Rick and Birdperson have been fighting against most of their lives. Shooting, chaos and mayhem ensure. Lives are lost, Squanchy proves himself to be an unlikely (but epic) hero, and Rick, Morty and the Smiths are able to escape from Planet Squanch. Unfortunately, Rick’s still a wanted fugitive. The Federation now knows that he and his family live on Earth, and returning home isn’t an option.

Rick and the Smiths are forced to relocate to a new planet, and the Federation takes over the operations of Earth, turning it into a universal tourist destination.

In the search for a new home planet, Rick finds three which are seemingly suitable within the galactic vicinity, Den of Geeks reports. One is seemingly perfect, aside from the fact that everything is “on the cob” (think corn), which sends Rick, Morty and company fleeing in terror. Another is lit by a screaming sun. As in the closest star rises above the horizon screaming in terrorized pain until it sets some 40 or so hours later. This “feature” makes the second planet a dud, for obvious reasons. Rick and the Smiths end up settling on a tiny Earth-like planet where a walk to the poles takes a couple of minutes and it’s possible to check out the planet’s core with ease.

It’s when Rick is checking out the tiny core of the tiny world that he hears the family talking about his selfish narcissism (imagine sitting in the basement while listening in to what’s going on on the main floor of your house). Jerry wants to go home, but Morty and the family are stuck off-world as long as Rick’s still a fugitive. Morty, Beth and Summer don’t want to bail on Rick, but they have to admit that he’s selfish and thinks only of himself. The family discusses their options as Rick listens on.

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It’s at this point that the episode takes the darkest turn of Rick and Morty Season 2, and possibly in the history of the series. Rick decides to take one for the team, turn himself in and let the family return to their lives on the new, Federation-run Earth. He tells Morty, who knows what the what, that he’s going to another planet for some ice cream.

“You’re not coming back, are you Rick?”

He calls the Federation himself, identifying himself as Jerry Smith, and sets the wheels of “justice” in motion. In typical Rick style, he can’t help but getting in a few jabs at his son-in-law during the call.

“I’m Jerry Smith and I love suckin’ big sweaty *BEEP* and licking disgusting, furry testicle *BEEPS*”

The Smiths are able to return to a much-changed Earth, and Rick’s fate is left up in the air as the world waits 18 months for answers. Mr. Poopybutthole says it best in his post-ending epilogue.

Yes, Rick and Morty, we definitely do.

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