Kylie Jenner Jealous Of Kendall’s Modeling Career, Stole Nipple Piercing Idea

Kylie Jenner was the first Jenner sister to reveal her nipple piercing, but Kendall Jenner wants everyone to know that she wanted to get the naughty body jewelry long before her “jealous” younger sister did.

Kendall opened up about how Kylie Jenner stole her nipple piercing idea in a video that she shared on her website and app. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star revealed that she had been thinking about getting the painful body jewelry for a long time, but Kylie hurried to get her nipples pierced first.

“I wanted to get the piercing for so long before Kylie,” Kendall said, according to the Daily Mail. “She did hers and then everyone thought I copied her.”

Kylie Jenner used Snapchat to let her fans know about her “new jewelry in the other secret areas” back in April. However, as you can see, she didn’t actually show off her nipple rings — she kept her new hardware covered up with a thick sweatshirt.

While Kylie seemingly got her nipple piercings because she was feeling a bit competitive with her sister, Kendall explained that she views her own nipple rings as a sexy fashion accessory. She revealed that she’s a big fan of going braless, and she purposely tries to choose outfits that her nipples will be visible under. Obviously, they’ll be even more noticeable underneath her outfits when they have bars or rings stuck through them.

“I just liked showing my nipples through some of my outfits,” Kendall said. “There’s something understated, yet sexy about it.”

Kylie Jenner isn’t quite as keen on going braless. According to ET Online, Kylie revealed that she prefers to make her breasts look bigger by wearing a heavily padded Victoria’s Secret Bombshell push-up bra. Kylie’s cleavage-boosting beauty secret works so well that many of her fans have speculated that she has breast implants.

In a video that was posted on her app and website, she denied the breast implant allegations and said that the bra is so “life-changing” that she recommends it to everyone she knows. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kylie recently revealed that she also uses her undergarments to give her booty a little boost. However, she prefers not to use padding on her posterior. Instead, she wears inexpensive Spanx from Target that feature “pockets” on the butt cheeks. Kylie showed off her shapewear in a recent Snapchat.

Kylie Jenner uses Spanx to give her booty a boost

Kylie Jenner is obviously trying to emulate her older half-sister, Kim Kardashian, by enhancing her curves. Meanwhile, Kendall’s statuesque look is a little more high fashion, and it has helped her become a very successful runway model. During an interview for the print edition of Cosmopolitan, the taller Jenner sister revealed that Kylie used to be jealous of her modeling career because it has helped Kendall score a little more time in the spotlight.

“She’s a Leo so she loves attention, and at certain points when we were younger, it bothered her that I was getting attention in terms of my modelling,” Kendall said, according to the Mirror. “I think that’s a natural younger sister thing – to be jealous.”

However, Kylie has crafted her own successful career as a social media star, so the girls’ sibling rivalry isn’t quite as intense these days. Now they’ve both found their niches, they’re very supportive of one another.

Besides, Kylie Jenner has a new rival to worry about: Tyga’s ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna. According to Hollywood Life, Kylie isn’t happy that her rapper boyfriend still talks to the mother of his child, and Kylie is especially upset that Tyga has been confiding in Blac about their recent relationship problems. Kylie allegedly fears that Blac Chyna is interested in reconnecting with Tyga romantically, and she worries that the former lovers will rekindle their old flame if they continue to stay in touch. According to an insider, Kylie is so concerned that she’s started accompanying Tyga to Blac Chyna’s place whenever he picks up or drops off their son, King Cairo.

If Kylie Jenner was hoping that her nipple piercings would give her an edge over Blac Chyna, she was wrong. According to E! News, Blac also wears nipple rings, and she’s not afraid to show them off by stepping out in see-through dresses. Maybe Kylie will eventually take her attention-grabbing game to the next level by trying this very revealing fashion trick.

Do you think Kylie Jenner is too concerned about always being the center of attention, or are you impressed that her need to be acknowledged has helped her become such a huge success?

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