Texas Southern University Shooting: 1 Dead, TSU Campus On Lockdown After Shooting [Video]

On the same day that the nation was reeling over the Northern Arizona University shooting, comes the news that there has been another shooting at Texas Southern University, or TSU, as the Houston school is known, reports Time. The suspect is still at large for the Texas Southern University shooting as of this writing. The suspected shooter of the Northern Arizona University shooting, also on Friday, October 9, has been apprehended. NAU has since been taken off of lockdown.According to the Texas Southern University Twitter page, classes have been cancelled for the rest of the day. Describing itself as a "comprehensive metropolitan HBCU established in 1927 with nearly 10,000 students and more than 100 academic programs," TSU has not yet provided further updates via Twitter about the shooting situation. According to Time, Texas Southern University is on lockdown due to two people being shot at a student housing complex.

As reported by ABC13, one person is dead after the TSU shooting that happened near the campus at approximately 11:25 a.m.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 2.30.17 PMThe shooting occurred at Tierwester Oaks, a property listed as part of the university courtyard as it is close to the Texas Southern University campus. It isn't known if many students reside at the apartments directly across the street from TSU, but it's presumed that plenty of students reside there. The apartments are listed on the TSU website, with Tierwester Oaks having a leasing supervisor related to Texas Southern University. It is likely those apartments are an alternative housing option of sorts for TSU students.

Kendrick Callis, a spokesperson for Texas Southern University, relayed that the shooting was reported at approximately 11:30 a.m. on Friday. Since the dubbed "University Courtyard Apartments" were directly across the street from the Houston campus, the university itself was put on lockdown. When news crews arrived, so did firetrucks and other authorities, and only handfuls of students from TSU were seen milling about the scene. As seen in the above video, there didn't seem to be a mass panic going on at the time of the shooting.

Details about the Texas Southern University shooting are coming in via Twitter.

An Associated Press news alert reports that authorities don't know if the TSU shooter is a man or woman.

CORRECTS: Texas Southern University locked down, suspect loose after 2 shot at housing complex. (Corrects APNewsAlert to show school officials have not determined shooter's gender.
The TSU website doesn't yet have any information about the shooting. The Texas Southern University YouTube channel only has a recruitment video uploaded as its latest and most recent YouTube video.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 2.31.12 PM

On the Facebook TSU page, the comments are flowing in about the latest shooting at Texas Southern University.

Sherrie Snow I just saw there was a shooting today. This makes two in one day between two different universities. This is horrible. It's also why I take online classes.

Ebony Tishuna This is like the third shooting this semester. This is absurd.

Tonya Wilson There was also one last night!

James Troia But of course we don't need more gun control, not at all. /sarcasm

Jarriel Henderson My brother attends the University, and I have a major concern for his safety. What protocols and education are being in place to help protect students from harm?

Rochelle LaVow Crazy

Mary F. Rucker Maybe NOW they will boost up campus safety. I know we need 60 million for a library but we need that money

Sherry Candy Williams 2 shootings within 24 hours. My daughter is a freshman there. Something needs to be done

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