Justin Bieber's Nude Photos: Selena Gomez's Reaction

Justin Bieber's nude photos have hit the internet. By now, probably everyone in the world has seen them. But does that mean his ex Selena Gomez has seen them, as well?

Some of Bieber's fans and haters have been losing their minds over the Canadian singer's nude photos. Some have been wondering how Selena Gomez feels about her ex's nude photo scandal. The Biebs was caught walking around a Bora Bora resort in the buff with British model Jayde Pierce. A paparazzo snapped the photos of Bieber and his rumored girlfriend (who was covered up in a white terrycloth robe) and sold them to the New York Daily News, who then published the photos without a second thought.

Justin Bieber's full frontal photos were leaked on Wednesday, October 7. It's obvious that the photos broke the internet since some were curious about Justin's penis size, but Selena's the only one who hasn't looked at the photos, according to a previous report via the Hollywood Life.

"She knows about that pictures that are out there. Her curiosity has led her to some of the memes, which she genuinely thought were funny, but she doesn't want to look at the real deal because she thinks it's such an invasion of privacy."

It's not like Gomez needs to look anyway. She was in a long-term relationship with the Biebs for nearly four years. The two finally ended their on-and-off relationship in early 2014, around the same time that Gomez cancelled her "Stars Dance World Tour" because she was receiving chemotherapy treatment for lupus, according to her shocking new interview with Billboard magazine. While Bieber's fans are having fun looking at his nude photos, Gomez does "feel bad for him," according to the source. She doesn't like that he "now has to deal with this [scandal]." But it looks like the Biebs will be fine since the world has been remarking how "big" he is.

(Photos by Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber via Instagram)

Both Selena and Justin have remained on good terms, despite being in a dramatic relationship together. Both exes have also revealed that they're still friends and hang out together since they also worship at the same church together. Sel and Justin have to remain on good terms since they have the same circle of friends. Otherwise, it would just be awkward for Hollywood's most famous exes.

Although both Gomez and Bieber admit they still have "love" for one another, it's clear that they both have moved on, and the public should as well. Gomez has been recently linked to DJ Zedd and several other of her famous ex-boyfriends. The Biebs was linked to Hailee Steinfeld, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and most recently, Jayde Pierce.

Justin is understandably angry over his nude photo scandal. He finds it tasteless and creepy that someone would sell photos of a very private and personal moment, according to another report via the Hollywood Life.

"It's violating and creepy to know that someone was shooting him in such a private moment. Just isn't embarrassed by those pictures but he's angry. The whole trip was arranged to give him privacy and they still managed to stalk him, it's not a good feeling."

Justin Bieber needed some rest and relaxation after tirelessly promoting his upcoming album, Purpose. But some of Bieber's fans and conspiracy theorists believe that his nude photo scandal is all part of his plan to promote himself and win over new fans. Even if some people have seen Bieber's bare butt before, these photos were taken without his consent and permission. It's obvious that he enjoys going to Bora Bora, where he can skinny dip and walk around in the buff with his new girlfriend.

(Photo by Justin Bieber/Instagram)
(Photo by Justin Bieber/Instagram)

Now keep in mind that Justin himself has not outwardly responded to the nude photo scandal or speculation over his romance with Jayde. Both Justin and Selena's reactions are just hearsay at the moment.

What are your thoughts on Justin Bieber's nude photo scandal? Do you think he has every right to be angry over his photos being leaked? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Harry How/Getty Images]