'Scandal' Sneak Peak — 'Paris Is Burning' And Mellie Is Out For Revenge Over Olivia's 'Yes'

The relationship between Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and President Fitz Grant (Tony Goldwyn) is going to be further tested in the upcoming episode of Scandal. According to iDigital Times, Fitz's wife, Mellie (Bellamy Young), is out for revenge as she tries her best to end Olivia's career while getting Fitz back in her camp. With that in mind, new images and clips from the episode have been released by ABC and offer a look at what is to come in Episode 3, titled Paris Is Burning.

Although Season 4 ended with Olivia and Fitz finally getting together, the first few episodes of Season 5 have not been easy for the couple. In the first episode, both Olivia and Fitz decided to see where their newfound relationship would take them. After Fitz handed Mellie divorce papers, however, things only went downhill for the President and his new love.

Will Mellie be allowed to come back into the White House on 'Scandal'? [Image Courtesy: ABC]
Will Mellie be allowed to come back into the White House on 'Scandal'? [Image Courtesy: ABC]In fact, soon after the two decided to get back together, a few photos of them were secretly sent to the media from an anonymous source. The images showed the pair getting a little close and cuddly while in the White House. This media backlash eventually led to the paparazzi chasing Olivia around and trying to dig up anything they could.

This history between Olivia and Fitz goes back a long ways, and the two have been through their share of ups and downs in the first four seasons of the hit political drama. However, nothing really compared to what Mellie did back in Season 4 when she decided to join forces with Eli Pope in order to increase her political power.

As fans may recall, Eli was the one who assassinated the President's son back in the third season. Although Mellie did not know about this fact when she decided to ask for his help, it still did not go over well in the end. In fact, the season ended poorly for Mellie after Fitz decided to get back with Olivia.

Back to the present season, Olivia eventually gave in to the heat from the press and by the end of the second episode, she admitted publicly that she was the source of the President's infidelity. This is exactly where the upcoming episode begins, and it doesn't look as though Mellie is liking the idea of being ousted from the White House.

In the trailer, Mellie is shown sitting alongside Fitz in a press interview where the two are denying that their marriage is going through a rough spot. Based on the video and images, it appears as though Fitz and Mellie are putting up a united front in order to stop all the rumors in the media that have been swirling about their relationship.

How long will Mellie and Fitz present a united front on 'Scandal'? [Image Courtesy: ABC]
How long will Mellie and Fitz present a united front on 'Scandal'? [Image Courtesy: ABC]Exactly how Olivia and Fitz solve this new predicament is anyone's guess. If they don't find a way to get past the public humility of an affair, and get rid of Mellie, then it is possible that the two will have troubles remaining together.

Everything that has occurred in the season so far matches up well with what Shonda Rhimes said fans could expect to happen. In a previous interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rhimes discussed the changes that were ahead for Olivia.

"Olivia finds that every single thing about her life has changed in unexpected ways," Rhimes stated, adding that "Jake goes on a journey that might destroy everything."

Whatever ends up happening between Mellie, Fitz, and Olivia, it doesn't look as though things are going to end quietly. Along with the leaks to the press and Mellie using an old friend to get back at Olivia, the next few episodes are going to get interesting.

Season 5 of Scandal continues Thursday nights on ABC.

Check out the preview for "Paris Is Burning" below.


[Images and Sneak Peak courtesy: ABC]