Tom Cruise Not Invited To Daughter’s Wedding, Is Scientology The Reason?

Isabella Cruise got married last month, and though her father, Tom Cruise, got to foot the bill, he was not invited. Her mother, Nicole Kidman was, though, and attended happily. This raises the question, was Scientology the reason that Cruise was not included in the ceremony or the party? Nicole Kidman broke away from Scientology when she left Cruise, and Isabella has chosen not to marry a Scientologist, so there was no Scientology ceremony.

Tom Cruise is a staunch Scientologist and has tried to force his religion on others, including publicly on Brooke Shields who was criticized for taking medication after suffering from postpartum depression. Cruise’s representatives say that his children are still followers of Scientology, but the press has said that Isabella intentionally married a non-follower.

TMZ said that no parents were invited to the wedding, but there were sources that insist Nicole Kidman, who was in London at the time doing a play, attended. Isabella, or Bella, as she is known, married Max Parker, an English IT worker who lives in London.

“We’re told Tom was not only cool with the decision, he footed the bill for the wedding and party at the fancy schmancy Dorchester hotel.”

Hollywood Life says that Cruise wants the world to know that he was not snubbed by his daughter Bella, but that he respected her wishes to keep it low key and keep the press away. If that were true, why was Kidman invited to an event at such a public place?

“The wedding happened a couple of weeks ago, on Sept. 18,” a source told Us Weekly. “And was a super low-key, small ceremony. [Her brother] Connor [Cruise] was there but both Tom and Nicole Kidman were not. Bella really didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. There wasn’t even any sort of official reception as was very, very informal.”

Again, sources insist that Kidman did attend, but she has not put out a statement one way or another the way Cruise has.

Fox News says that Bella Cruise, 22, has just graduated from Vidal Sassoon Academy from hair and cosmetology school. The bride and groom both had approximately five attendants, though none of the groomsmen were her brother Connor Cruise. The bride has already legally changed her name to Isabella Parker.

“Kidman is said to have been present at the nuptials, however neither Bella’s dad Tom Cruise, 53, or her brother Connor Cruise, 20, were there.”

Woman’s Day Australia confirms that Kidman was in attendance, and is overjoyed with Bella’s choice of a groom, though she wouldn’t say whether one of the reasons she likes Parker is because he isn’t a Scientologist.

“Nicole’s daughter with ex-husband Tom Cruise wed the love of her life in a secret ceremony on September 18. Beaming with confidence in her wedding photographs, it’s clear that Bella is more content than ever.”

Tom Cruise’s attitude towards his new son-in-law will become more evident as time goes by. Cruise insists that his own dyslexia was cured by the church, and so he doesn’t tend to have room in his life for those who people who do not worship at the Church of Scientology.

Do you really think Tom Cruise didn’t attend his daughter’s wedding because she asked him to stay away, or was he not invited?

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