Kristen Wiig Appearing in Chicago for ‘Nasty Boy’ Film Screening

On October 30, Kristen Wiig will be appearing at Chicago’s Music Box Theatre for a screening of her new film, Nasty Baby.

Wiig’s new film reminds us that she’s more than a comedic actor.

Wiig is more than a comedic, as Nasty Baby is a little dark like Wiig’s other films, Her, or The Skeleton Twins. Kristen Wiig is more than just an actor, as she also helped Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Silva — also her co-star — write this movie. As reports, Kristen Wiig’s character is a family practitioner who decides to help her two gay friends have a baby.

Nasty Baby created a buzz at Sundance, and Wiig’s latest venture was named to two of Indiewire‘s must-watch lists for the month of October, including 11 Indies to Watch on VOD and 15 Indies You Must See.

In this film, Kristen plays Polly, best friend to Silva’s character (Freddy) and Freddy’s boyfriend, Mo (played by Tunde Adebimpe). When the couple decide they want to have a baby, Wiig’s character is asked to be the surrogate. A local known only as “The Bishop” doesn’t like what they’re planning (the antagonist is played by Reg E. Cathey). Complications and drama ensue.

Wiig’s new film explores popular themes such as the rethinking of the nuclear family and redefining gender and parenting roles.

As noted in The Chicago Tribune, the movie centers on the relationship between a gay black man and his Chilean lover. The fact that Kristen Wiig’s next movie explores the options such a couple has today is a testament to how far society, and her work, have come. In many communities — and certainly in film and on television — redefining the family unit is extremely hip.

At movie showing events in Chicago, Kristen Wiig will be available for a Q&A session after the movie. Undoubtedly, Wiig will face some questions about these hot topics.

Wiig’s director and co-star has won awards all across the globe for such films as Magic Magic and La nana. One of Kristen’s other co-stars, Cathey, is a veteran of the acting world who can be seen in films like Se7en and American Psycho, as well as in TV series such as House of Cards and The Good Wife.

Kristen Wiig will be at the Music Box Theatre for two nights: Friday, October 30 and Saturday, 31. Both nights, Wiig will be available to answer questions from those in attendance, and both of the events begin at 8 p.m. If you want the chance to ask Wiig a question yourself, tickets to the event are $18 and can be purchased at the Music Box Theater’s website.

This kind of marketing for independent films is quite different from what Kristen Wiig recently experienced as part of the cast of a blockbuster like The Martian. With other stars in the credits such as Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain and Jeff Daniels, Kristen Wiig isn’t the only one bringing star power to The Martian.

As Digital Trends reported, The Martian earned $55 million during its opening weekend. Kristen Wiig and company would be considered successful if Nasty Baby can get even a fraction of those numbers.

Kristen Wiig is best known as the star and writer of Bridesmaids, and for her time on Saturday Night Live, which just began its 41st season on Saturday. It is the third season since Wiig left the show.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]