Porsche 918 Crashes Into Spectators, Leaves 26 Injured, 5 Critically

A Porsche 918 crashed into a group of spectators during an event taking place on a makeshift track created on the Malta International Airport in the Hal Farrug district.

Businessman Paul Bailey, 55, was driving the Porsche 918 Spyder when witnesses said it clipped the grass with its right rear wheel, causing the car to spin out of control and run into a group of spectators at the Paqpaqli ghal-Istrina motorshow on Sunday afternoon.

“The car was speeding down the taxiway when a back wheel went on the grass,” an eye witness told the Times of Malta.“The car spun out of control, went through the barriers where a large crowd was watching, and into the area of the static car exhibition. Many people were hit, there was chaos and screams.”

Daniel Caruana Smith was also a spectator in the crowd, and saw the accident take place. He described the horrific incident to Sky News, saying the individuals were thrown like “rag dolls.”

“The Porsche spun through 180 degrees before hitting the barriers and a couple of Toyota Celicas that were parked there,” Smith said. “People were literally thrown on impact like rag dolls. I remember seeing the Porsche without its front bumper and a pool of blood on the floor. At this point we left to let emergency services give their assistance.”

The crash left 26 people injured, five critically. It hasn’t been determined what caused the Porsche 918 to crash, and the organizers of the event say the accident will continue to be investigated. They are pointing to the possibility that the car or wheel became faulty as Bailey was driving it. A fleet of ambulances and police cars arrived at the scene shortly after.