WWE Rumors: Big Angle Planned For Brock Lesnar On ‘RAW’ Tonight

wwe rumors brock lesnar big angle monday night raw

In less than three weeks, WWE will put on its annual Pay-Per-View, known as Hell In A Cell, and a huge match between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker will take place. This past Saturday, Lesnar took some time to make sure that Big Show was a victim on his “Go To Hell Tour,” and now there is even a big angle rumored to be happening tonight on Monday Night RAW, but what?

As of last week, Lesnar was not scheduled to appear on WWE television until the go-home RAW for Hell In A Cell on October 19. He would be a part of things on WWE Network, but not necessarily on television for the company, but that has since changed.

wwe rumors brock lesnar raw big angle

The live events calendar on WWE.com has now been updated and does feature Lesnar as one of the superstars appearing on tonight’s RAW. That is always subject to change and it could, or Lesnar may even just appear on the TitanTron or in a taped segment of some kind.

With ratings being quite bad in the past couple of weeks, one would expect that Lesnar is actually going to appear in person tonight at the TD Garden in Boston.

Cageside Seats doesn’t have a whole lot of information regarding tonight’s RAW, but the “big angle” is expected to be that he will actually call out The Undertaker.

undertaker brock lesnar raw big angle

Undertaker is not scheduled to be on RAW tonight, and it isn’t expected that he’s going to show up, either. Lesnar could come out to the ring with Paul Heyman, and the duo could cut a promo calling out The Undertaker, which the Deadman could respond to with a taped message or something.

The other possibility is that Lesnar and Heyman come out for a promo, the lights go out, and the infamous gong sounds. At that point, there could be dark lights and smoke and special effects in a way to kind of freak out the “Beast Incarnate.”

This doesn’t necessarily seem like a “big angle,” but it’s possibly what will end up going down one way or the other on RAW. Ever since the Hell In A Cell match was announced a couple weeks ago, there has been no build-up for it, and it’s time for that to officially start.

Well, there could be something else with Lesnar, and maybe it has to do with Big Show. On Saturday night, Lesnar defeated Big Show on the live WWE Network special in Madison Square Garden, and maybe they will have some interaction going forward.

lesnar big show msg

Kind of hard to think that, either, though, as Lesnar dominated Show, and that’s really all there is to say about that.

With ratings falling for WWE, they are kind of in panic mode right now. It doesn’t make things any better that John Cena is about to take over a month off from the company due to his own personal reasons and the fact that he requested it months ago.

Cena being gone and low ratings means that WWE may pony up the extra cash needed to have Brock Lesnar make more appearances. A “major angle” is already being rumored for the Stone Cold Podcast coming up on October 19, when there is going to be a giant RAW with stars like Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair appearing.

Having Brock Lesnar show up on Monday Night RAW this evening is a huge move by WWE, as they will need to pay him a lot more for extra appearances. What this rumored “big angle” is about could involved Big Show or The Undertaker and their Hell In A Cell match or something else entirely, but fans simply need to tune in to find out.

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