Jim Carrey To Attend Cathriona White’s Funeral In Ireland — ‘It’s The Least He Can Do,’ Source Says

Jason LaVeris—FilmMagic/Getty Images Actor Jim Carrey attends LACMA's 50th anniversary gala at LACMA in Los Angeles on April 18, 2015

Jim Carrey will attend the funeral of his ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White, in Ireland where she will be laid to rest. The Daily Mail reports that White will be buried in Cappawhite, County Tipperary, her home village.

Cathriona White was 30 when she died. She was an aspiring actress and make-up artist.

TMZ reports that Jim Carrey will be taking care of the funeral costs. According to TMZ, Carrey paid for Cathriona’s entire family to fly to Ireland so that she could be buried there.

In a recent article on TMZ, sources close to Jim Carrey said that he was open to having a future with Cathriona and their recent separation was just meant to be a break.

They had been dating off and on since 2012.

They were last seen together at NOBU in Malibu on her birthday and she apparently looked very happy. The article goes on to state that Jim Carrey broke up with Cathriona White on September 24 and she allegedly wrote about the breakup in her suicide letter. The Daily Mail reports that they were seen before that on September 10 at the Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery in Los Angeles.

She died five days after Jim Carrey broke up with her.

When Cathriona’s corpse was found, it was surrounded by bottles of Ambien, Percocet, and Propranolol. Many assume that these were the drugs that killed her but the toxicology report has not been released. These drugs were reportedly not prescribed to her but were in the name of a fictitious male. Law enforcement officials allegedly told TMZ that it’s a name that Jim Carrey uses to maintain his anonymity.

Although actors often use aliases to fill their prescriptions, prescription fraud is illegal. According to the Centers of Disease Control, prescription overdoses kill more people in America than car crashes. In 2012, over 50 percent of drug-related deaths in the United States were caused by prescription drug abuse.

A source told TMZ that they have reason to believe that Cathriona White may have taken the pills from Carrey’s house. However, that has not been confirmed as yet.

Law enforcement officials also told TMZ that they’re looking at potentially interviewing Carrey about White’s death.

A source close to Carrey told the Hamilton Spectator that there’s no place that the actor would rather be than by Cathriona’s family’s side during their time of mourning.

“Jim has been left devastated after the tragic death of Cathriona. Attending her funeral in Ireland will be the least he could do to pay tribute to the woman he loved,” the source said.

“He has been in touch with Cathriona’s family and they want him at the funeral. They know how much he meant to her.”

Cathriona White sent out one last poignant tweet before she died.

“I hope I have been a light to my nearest and dearest.’

cathriona white last tweet

The Times reports that her recent Instagram photos show that she recently went through a purification program for the Church of Scientology which actively restricts participants from receiving psychiatric help.

Seven weeks ago, Cathriona posted a picture of her getting an intraveneous drip which she said was Vitamins B and C, as well as the naturally occurring antioxidant glutathione. Apparently scientology members are told that this combination of vitamins will protect them from suffering from depression.

Cathriona White Drip Instagram

Depression can be hereditary and according to The Daily Mail, it runs in Cathriona’s family.

Jim Carrey issued a statement soon after the news of his ex- girlfriend’s death hit the news.

“I am shocked and deeply saddened by the passing of my sweet Cathriona,” Jim Carrey said via the statement.

“She was a truly kind and delicate Irish flower, too sensitive for this soil, to whom loving and being loved was all that sparkled.”

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