'Empire' Drama: Taraji Henson, Terrence Howard Real-Life Drama Heating Up? Stars Reportedly Clashing On Set

Empire stars Taraji Henson and Terrence Howard have made the world believe Cookie and Luscious Lyon have the best love/hate relationship on television. Their on-screen chemistry has captured the attention of millions who enjoy watching their sparring matches with Cookie's smart remarks and Luscious' underlying power plays. However, recent reports have revealed their ongoing opposition may not be a dramatization just for the cameras.

According to Hot97, Taraji Henson and Terrence Howard are clashing behind the scenes and the drama has reportedly getting worse. The co-stars, who are also known for their onscreen romance in the 2005 film Hustle and Flow, aren't getting along as well as fans assume.

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A source, reportedly close to the Baby Boy actress recently shared details about their behind-the-scenes drama with InTouch Weekly. Apparently, Terrence Howard's alleged arrogance is a major factor that contributes to the confusion.

The source claims Taraji Henson and Terrence Howard can't even stand in the same room for long periods of time without some type of conflict ensuing. However, his rumored conflicts aren't just with Taraji. The Best Man Holiday actor's arrogance has reportedly become a bit of a problem for many people behind-the-scenes, but the source doesn't offer specifics about the other alleged conflicts.

"It's gotten so bad that Taraji can't be on set for more than 30 seconds without staring daggers at him," the source said. "She's irritated by the pompous, bigheaded braggart that Terrence has become. In the beginning, Taraji was the key supporter and apologist for his behavior, but as his arrogance increased, she began to get annoyed."

Of course, the rumor about Taraji Henson and Terrence Howard's quarreling has left many avid Empire fans scratching their heads, but Taraji's representative insists all is well in the Lyons' den. Her representative has released a brief statement addressing the claims, ensuring fans that the two "are the best of friends and professional colleagues … always."

But even after refuting the claims, some social media users are still wondering if the statement is simply a form of damage control due to the recent reports about Terrence Howard's alleged domestic abuse. For those who don't know, the actor has had a number of run-ins with the law and most of the charges stem from domestic violence incidents. Reports about his ex-wife's abuse claims have also surfaced due to their recent divorce drama.
In 2009, the Smoking Gun released a report detailing a domestic violence incident where Terrence Howard was accused of violently attacking his first wife. He was charged with simple assault, terrorist threats, harassment, and stalking. Howard's second wife also claims she suffered abuse at the hands of the 46-year-old actor.

Although Terrence Howard's third marriage appears to be a success thus far, some fans can actually see why he'd bump heads with a strong-willed, opinionated Taraji Henson. But, there's actually a legitimate reason why the reported feud is nothing more than a rumor. During an interview back in June, Taraji Henson shared details about her demands for the show. She insisted the show's creator, Lee Daniels, hire Terrence Howard for the role of Luscious or she wouldn't play the role of Cookie, according to People magazine. The interview further proves that the drama between Taraji Henson and Terrence Howard only exists on camera.

"When I opened up the script, I saw [Terrence] and I. I heard the words coming from his mouth," she recalled. "I said to [Lee] – I didn't even have the job yet, and I said, 'So if you can make that work, hire Terrence, great. If not, good luck with the show.'"

The interview further proves that the drama between Taraji Henson and Terrence Howard only exists on camera. Watch the drama unfold on the next episode of Empire scheduled to air on Wednesday, Oct. 7 on Fox.

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