Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid Represent New Breed Of Supermodel At 'Vogue' 95th Anniversary Party

A slew of stunning models turned up to the Vogue 95th Anniversary Party.

The most well-known of these were Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, who earlier this year starred in a cheeky YouTube video (published by Vogue, on the magazine's channel page).

The video, titled Watch What Happens When We Give Kendall Jenner And Gigi Hadid A Selfie Stick, celebrates the friendship between the two stunners, who appear genuinely relaxed and free-spirited together, stomping their croc-patterned (probably sinfully expensive) boots in unison, puffing their hair up and letting viewers in on what the vicious internal monologue of a supermodel sounds like ("Be sexier!" Gigi chides herself at one point). The girls even faux-flirtatiously tease the camera crew at one point, as they eject the group so they can undress for a shoot ("We're going to get dressed now and you can't watch!" taunts Gigi with a grin on her face).

The Vogue video is subtitled "The New Brat Pack," a reference to "The Brat Pack," a high-profile social group that featured the heartthrobs of the 80s. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner do represent a very modern variety of social media supermodel (this is the era of the Instagram Model -- at press time, the Daily Mail is reporting about an Australian model who brags that she can "earn more from posting a selfie than for working for four days").

Jenner shot to fame in the shadow of sister Kim Kardashian, a reality television star, and once dated Harry Styles, a member of the biggest pop group ever to emerge from a reality singing show. The girls differ palpably from the supermodels of the eighties, who retained an air of aloof mystery around them, appearing only for televised events and approved press junkets. When George Michael herded the eighties supermodels together for his Too Funky video and unleashed the flesh-flashing resulting footage on a rapt public, it felt truly momentous. These days the habits, private thoughts, and peachy derrières of supermodels are well-documented on Instagram, and the group "like" and comment on each others posts, calling "Body Goals!" on a picture of a shapely figure, "Makeup Goals!" on a well-contoured face, and giving their two cents as to whether somebody's cat-eyeliner is wrong or "on fleek."

For the 95th Vogue Anniversary Party, Kendall Jenner kept her outfit sleek and black, departing from her recent edgier look covered in the Daily Mail. The skirt had a bell-shaped, structured silhouette that did not, for once, draw attention to Jenner's curvaceous behind, and the hem featured ornate white rose detailing that added some interest to the sober outfit. Gigi Hadid wore a geometrically patterned short dress and wore her hair in tousled, loose blonde waves.

Other interesting looks included an all-white gypsy-esque blouse worn by Elena Perminova, which raised some eyebrows, and the black leather catsuit-style outfit worn by fierce brunette Jac Jagaciak, who is relatively unknown and was an unexpected showstopper.

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