‘You Get To Be The Lucky One’: Witnesses Say Oregon Shooter Gave Classmate A Package To Give To Police

Survivors of the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, claim that the deranged gunman handed a package to a classmate before gunning down the other students in the classroom. The gunman told the chosen student that “you get to be the lucky one” and informed the student to give the package to the police when they arrived.

The Daily Mail reports that one student in the doomed Umpqua Community College writing class was singled out by the gunman as “they lucky one” during the Oregon shooting. Survivors of the shooting claim that the gunman handed a package or envelope to a male student before sending him to stand in the corner of the room. The killer allegedly told the student to give the envelope to the police when they arrived. He then proceeded to murder eight of the student’s fellow classmates, a teacher and injure multiple other students in the room.

'you get to be the lucky one'.
“You get to be the lucky one.” Oregon shooting survivor Cheyeanne Fitzgerald recounts how the gunman handed a package to one of her classmates before opening fire on the classroom. (Image Credit: GoFundMe)

Two separate survivors who were in the classroom when a teacher and eight students were murdered claim to have seen the package hand-off between the gunman and other student. The first witness, 16-year-old Cheyeanne Fitzgerald, told family members as she recovered in the hospital about the strange exchange. Fitzgerald was wounded in the shooting and required a kidney removal. As she received treatments in the hospital, she told her relatives about the horrifying ordeal.

“You get to be the lucky one.”

Another survivor, 18-year-old Anastasia Boylan, claims to have also witnessed the package exchange before the gunman opened fire on the students in the classroom. Boylan says that the killer handed the package to the student and told him to give the item to the police.

Oregon Shooting vigil
Candlelight vigil for victims of the Oregon shooting Thursday. (Image Credit: Getty Images)

Police have not confirmed the story of the package exchange between the gunman and other student. However, a law enforcement authority who wished to remain anonymous did disclose that a multiple page manifesto was left at the scene of the shooting at the Umpqua Community College. Therefore, many reports are speculating that the mysterious envelope or package described by witnesses is the manifesto in question.

In total, nine victims lost their lives after being gunned down in their Oregon classroom. Among the victims was a 19-year-old aspiring pediatric nurse, a recovering drug addict, a young basketball player, a writing professor, and an older mother finally attending college as a mature student. The nine victims’ names were confirmed by local authorities as family members began to talk about the loved ones they lost too soon.

Oregon shooting victims
Police identify the nine Oregon shooting victims during press conference.

In addition to the mysterious package, witnesses at the scene were able to describe the horrifying scene that played out in the doomed Umpqua Community College classroom where a professor and eight students lost their lives. The witnesses claim that the attack was religiously motivated as victims were asked about their religious affiliation before being shot by the gunman. The witnesses claim that Christians were shot in the head while those who did not answer the questions or said they were not Christian were shot in other parts of their body.

In fact, Cheyeanne Fitzgerald says that she was asked what her religion was before being shot. She refused to answer and ultimately lost her kidney but left with her life. Though Fitzgerald survived the ordeal, she is still in critical condition in the hospital and her mom says there is a long road to recovery ahead for her daughter.

[Image Credit: Scott Olson / Getty Images]