Florida Woman Stabbed Hubby For Calling Out Other Woman's Name During Sex

Chelsea Hoffman

A Florida woman is in jail after she reportedly tried to kill her husband of 10 years. The Dreamin' Demon reports that Christina Balazi has been charged with attempted murder and fleeing and eluding after an incident that has left her hubby quite lucky to be alive.

Authorities in West Palm Beach allege that the Florida woman lost her mind when her husband called out another woman's name during sexual intercourse, which caused her to become violent. The victim of the attack -- who has not been named in reports -- said that she pulled a sheet over his head in an angry fit. That's when he began feeling sharp, stabbing pains in his chest, neck, and head.

The Palm Beach Post reports that the Florida woman's husband pulled away the sheet that was covering him, only to find his wife holding a kitchen knife -- which she had used to stab him repeatedly. He was able to wrestle himself free from beneath her, but she reportedly chased him, knife-in-hand, downstairs as he tried to flee. She reportedly yelled "I'm tired of this!"

A short time after Balazi fled the scene of the stabbing, authorities were able to apprehend her and charge her with attempted murder. Since she fled the scene of the crime, she was also given a charge of fleeing and eluding. She is currently in jail on bond in the amount of $105,000. This isn't the Florida woman's first run-in with the law. Back in May, she was arrested for stealing drugs, money, and jewelry from a home where she was employed as a housekeeper. She was on probation stemming from the May incident, when she was arrested for stabbing her hubby multiple times.

This is not the first story out of Florida involving love-scorned. In fact, just last month, a Florida man was arrested and charged with murder after he ripped parts of his girlfriend's stomach out through her vagina after she reportedly called out another man's name during sex. Fidel Lopez first tried to say that his girlfriend was a willing participant in a rough sex game gone wrong, but authorities were able to eventually coax the horrific truth out of him. Also this year, a Russian woman stabbed her husband to death after he accidentally called her by his ex-wife's name. The two had only been married for a short time -- about three months -- when the violent incident took place. Svetlana Ilvina faces life imprisonment after turning herself in to authorities after committing the violent murder. A police officer commented to the media about the crime.

"The couple had only been together three months and when the victim called his wife Olga, which is the name of his former wife, she decided she couldn't forgive him."

The Florida man in this latest case is lucky to be alive, judging by the other similar stories involving similar incidents. His story, and the others, also serve as a warning to think before calling out someone's name during a sexual encounter. After all, you never know how angry your partner could get if he or she is called the wrong name during your throes of passion.

[Photo: West Palm Beach Police mugshot]