You Know ‘Ladies Of London,’ Meet The Husbands

By now, fans are familiar with the Ladies of London, but what about the gentlemen? Some of the husbands have been seen several times, and some seem to prefer the background, but they are still significant in their supporting roles.

While Annabelle Neilson and Caroline Fleming are no longer married, perhaps we will see a guy friend accompany one or both ladies this season? Neilson was married for three years to Nathaniel Rothschild, and Caroline Fleming is divorced from Rory Fleming.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Julie Montagu’s husband, Luke Montagu, a.k.a. Lord Sandwich has become an advocate for reducing the abuse of psychiatric medication. Montague fought the battle to get off of medications himself after he had complications following sinus surgery. Perhaps we will see Luke and the rest of Julie’s family on this season of Ladies of London if the ladies visit Mapperton again.

2Paragraphs discovered a few things about Cem Habib, husband to Ladies of London‘s Caroline Stanbury.

“Habib is a 40-year-old Turkish financier. According to his LinkedIn account, he is still a partner at CIS Private Equity Management Limited. Prior to that he was CEO of SB Group, partner at Cheyne Capital, and one of the founding principals of AltEdge Captial. He started out in the marketing department of The Millburn Corporation in 1996.”

Fun fact: Cem Habib is friendly with Mohamed Hadid, ex-husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Yolanda Foster and father of Gigi and Bella Hadid. It’s a small Bravo world.

Recently, we got to see Gregor Angus giving advice to his wife Juliet in order to mend her friendship with Marissa Hermer, and as the humpee at a New Years Eve party “assaulted” but Caroline Stanbury, dressed as a unicorn.

2Paragraphs reports that Angus is an executive that works mostly with cloud platforms.

“Gregor Angus is the Chief Commercial officer at Magine, a cloud-based TV platform. He’s been working in the UK since 2005. Prior to Magine, he was President and Group Chief Executive of EDC Communications, a network of PR and marketing agencies in Europe, and he was COO of marketing film Cossette. He launched his career at BBDO Montreal, where he worked with big brands including Chrysler, Budweiser, and Pepsi. Angus is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, where he studied economics.”

According to Bustle, Alex Stanbury, husband of Sophie Stanbury and brother of Caroline Stanbury works in the oil and gas industry.

“Alex is currently the CEO, CFO, secretary, treasurer, and director of Black River Petroleum Corp. The Nashville-based company works on exploration and development of resources. Alex has been in this position since the end of 2012, but has held many influential business positions (think investment banking, financial consulting, etc.) before his move to Black River Petroleum Corp., according to Bloomberg.”

During this season, we may get to know the guys a bit more than we did in season one. Fans are eager to see the men behind the Ladies of London.

Who is your favorite guy on Ladies of London?

[Photo by Marissa Hermer/Boujis]