Marriage Proposal Game? Man Uses Homemade Video Game To Pop The Question

A marriage proposal video game?

That is exactly what one man named Austin reportedly created for his longtime girlfriend when he decided to pop the question and ask her to marry him.

In addition to having a boxed ring on hand, he apparently took one step further by creating a homemade video game specifically for the occasion.

To share this emotionally stirring experience with the rest of the world, the man behind this romantic marriage proposal idea shared screenshots and descriptions of the game on Reddit and the footage of his girlfriend’s reaction on YouTube.

In the introduction of his Reddit post, Austin provided a little history on their relationship as well as how he was able to get his then-girlfriend Lauren to play his homemade video game in the first place.

“Lauren and I are in our mid twenties and currently live next to Cincinnati, OH. When I proposed to her, we had been dating for a few years and things were going pretty great. We hardly ever argued, we shared similar hobbies, and I realized that if I was going to spend the rest of my life with someone, there wasn’t anyone better than her. Lauren knew that I had been working on a homebrew game for a few weeks. I asked her to be the first one to test it out.”

When developing the video game, Austin essentially turned his future fiancee into the main character of the game — a brunette heroine. He also used detailed messages to narrate the story as Lauren progressed from level to level throughout the game.

Each scene and level of the game connected with a different highlight of their relationship or their city, adding a personal touch of intimacy to the game long before the memorable proposal was delivered.

Austin explained on Reddit the meaning behind the key highlights of the game within the captions of each screenshot.

“Our first time really getting to know each other had been at Bockfest (a street festival celebrating high gravity beer and also goats) in Cincinnati, OH. We had been friends-of-friends before… Anyone who lives in Cincinnati can tell you that our streets are so terrible it’s like living in an actual platformer.”

marriage proposal video game

He continued the same pattern of posted pictures and informative captions for each of the remaining levels as well.

Perhaps the most impressive highlights of the marriage proposal video game occurred within the final screens and levels.

For instance, Austin was able to pay tribute to his grandfather’s marriage proposal from 60 years ago by choosing a particular song as background music for his mariachis scene.

“After beating the final level, Lauren was taken to this screen. Little mariachis appeared on screen and ‘Nosotros’ began to play. It’s the song my grandfather used to serenade my grandmother when he proposed to her 60+ years ago.”

marriage proposal video game

Shortly after the mariachi scene ended, Austin’s own character appeared on the screen followed by the simple message: “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this!”

That was Austin’s cue to move on to the final stage of his marriage proposal by revealing the boxed engagement ring (which was hidden behind the laptop that Lauren used to play the game).

A survey conducted by David’s Bridal showed that 57 percent of brides were not surprised by their marriage proposals and knew that they were coming, according to SFGate. Chances are that, thanks to Austin’s surprising homemade video game, Lauren did not join that particular group.

[Image Credit: Dollar Photo Club and Reddit]