WWE News: Sasha Banks Set To Go After Charlotte For The WWE Diva’s Championship, WWE Wanting NXT Feel For Divas

WWE Diva’s Champion Charlotte may not have taken the title from Nikki Bella before she broke AJ Lee’s record for the longest reigning Diva’s Champion ever, but she did manage to beat her six days later for the title at WWE Night of Champions. It seemed that right after this, Paige decided to go full heel on her PCB teammates, Charlotte and Becky Lynch. WWE has decided to loosen the hold on the Diva factions as of now, but they will still use them off and on.

The thought was that they needed to focus on all of the girls being used correctly, but you couldn’t do this will all of them. In fact, one of the best WWE Divas in the company, Natalya, wasn’t in the starting portion of the Diva Revolution.

She spoke out about this after she was asked about it, and right after that, she was back on TV. This was probably a good thing, as her being back has helped a bit.

WWE wants to make the WWE Diva Division similar to what we had in WWE NXT. That is the main reason three of the top NXT Divas are up on the main roster right now. The problem is that they are not facing each other. Rather, the NXT girls are mostly facing off with the WWE Divas that fans aren’t too high on. This has led WWE to consider another option.

Charlotte Banks
Charlotte is supposed to take on Paige and Nikki Bella at WWE Hell in a Cell at the end of the month for the WWE Diva’s Title. After this, according to Cageside Seats, WWE is planning for Sasha Banks to go after Charlotte and the title.

She is being groomed for it slowly but surely. She will be facing off with Bayley for the NXT Women’s Championship next week in the first-ever Divas Ironman match or Ironwoman match to be more precise. They will also make yet another bit of history as the main event of the NXT Takeover show called WWE NXT Takeover: Respect. The show will be all about respecting where the Divas have come from and where they are today, as well as remembering the late Dusty Rhodes through the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic that will conclude at the event.

The idea is that WWE will be pushing Sasha Banks big time after this, but they have kept her a bit off the radar on WWE RAW and SmackDown simply because they want people to focus on seeing what she and Bayley are doing in NXT.

NXT Sasha
The match the two had in Brooklyn last month was the stuff of legend. Many are calling it one of the best matches they have ever seen, male or female.

Interesting note, every top WWE NXT Diva match of the last year has included one person, and that is Sasha Banks. WWE sees what they have in her and know that she can be a star for them for another decade. She is only 23-years-old and appeals to everyone, which is something WWE loves. WWE has also really wanted to focus on using a black star for some time that had all the tools needed to be marketed as a top performer.

Banks brings WWE everything they want in a WWE Diva. She looks good, can talk, has a great gimmick, and she can wrestle. While she is not set to win the WWE Diva’s Title at WWE Survivor Series, where she is set as of now to get her shot at the title, the rumored plan is for her to hold the Diva’s Title into WrestleMania 32. That means she could win the title by early 2016 from Charlotte.

WWE wants to bring the greatness of the NXT Women’s Division to the main roster. Many think this rivalry with Sasha Banks and Charlotte will do just that. It will be worth watching for sure.

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