Karla Homolka Link To Luka Rocco Magnotta False, Police Say

Karla Homolka’s link to accused murderer Luka Rocco Magnotta is false, according to Canadian Police, who state there is no evidence that the two ever dated.

Canadian Police stated, according to Macleans that:

“Montreal police backtracked Thursday on claims they made this week that Magnotta had dated Karla Homolka, one of Canada’s most notorious sex killers. Police officials clarified that they were aware of the many rumours posted on the Internet, but had no proof to substantiate those stories. In 2007, Magnotta came forward to news media to deny that he had dated her, although many at the time suggested he was the one who started the rumours to gain attention.”

Magnotta is wanted for the murder and dismemberment of Lin Jun, a Chinese national who was studying in engineering and computer science at a Canadian University, according to The Star.

The link between Homolka and Magnotta was first brought to light in 2007, when internet rumors began saying that Magnotta, a struggling porn actor, was dating Homolka, an accused serial killer, who struck a plea deal with prosecutors that allowed her to serve 12 years, instead of her original sentence of life in prison.

Homolka and then-husband Paul Bernardo were suspected of raping murdering three women in the early 1990s. Through a plea deal that was struck, Homolka plead guilty to manslaughter, and was released. Magnotta approached news media in September 2007, following claims from numerous internet gossip sites that they were romantically linked. He stated, according to The Montreal Gazette, that:

“My whole career (as a model and adult film star) are going downhill…Nobody wants to talk to me — I don’t have anybody basically. Whoever’s doing this, please stop, you’re doing a lot of harm.”

He reported that he had been receiving death threats from people following the accusations, but that he had never met Homolka. Writer Amanda Krum with Web Pro News disagrees with Magnotta’s assertion, writing that:

“Although Magnotta has denied any involvement with the convicted killer, it certainly seems a strange coincidence that two people who have been linked in the past would share a dark love of perverse sexual pleasure tied in with murder and dismemberment.”

While is is unlikely that Luka Rocco Magnotta and Karla Homolka actually dated (considering they were only in Montreal at the same time for a few months), the link between the murders, and how the two dismembered the bodies, is hard to dispute.

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